Chainsaw Man chapter 129: Denji's heroism sways Asa to betray Yoru

Denji's heroism has seemingly swung Asa to his side based on Chainsaw Man Chapter 129's events (Image via Sportskeeda)

Chainsaw Man chapter 129 was released on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, at 12 AM JST, bringing with it an unexpected but still exceptional string of events. Particularly noteworthy is Asa's apparent betrayal of Yoru, with her actions in the issue appearing to directly contradict the pact she has with the War Devil.

Chapter 129 of Chainsaw Man also makes the interesting choice to split up Denji and Asa and the Fakesaw Man for now. While time will tell whether this was the right call or not, all fans can do now is patiently wait for the future and comment on the information currently available.

Chainsaw Man chapter 129 brings forth an unexpected but exciting and hilarious chain of events

Chainsaw Man chapter 129: Escapes and allegiances

Chainsaw Man chapter 129 begins immediately where the last issue ended, with Denji and the Fakesaw Man standing off from each other as Asa’s consciousness returns. She recognizes that there are two “Chainsaw Mans,” as she puts it, before a shot of what appears to be a section of the body of the caterpillar-esque Devil from Chapter 124.

Fans then see Denji and Asa jumping out of a door from hell back onto the streets of Tokyo, with what are presumably the appendages of the aforementioned Devil chasing after them. Asa lands hard on the pavement before gathering her senses and realizing that Denji is on the ground with a seemingly mortal injury.

Chainsaw Man chapter 129 sees Asa look at him with a shocked expression, while War Devil Yoru says this is their chance and that they should finish Chainsaw Man while he’s down. She reaffirms their deal to Asa once more, trying to convince her to kill Chainsaw Man in order to have full control of her body once again.

Asa silently stares at Denji as Yoru says this, with the lattermost, in turn, staring at Asa silently for several panels. It seems that at this moment, Yoru is tapping into Asa’s thoughts and emotions, with her next words being about how she thought she’d finally begun to understand Asa and that she screwed up.

Chainsaw Man chapter 129 then sees Yoru comment on how Asa always does the opposite of what she says, questioning why this is. Asa, meanwhile, grabs a nearby piece of what appears to be glass or a sharp stone, plunging it into the palm of her left hand after doing so. Asa then feeds Chainsaw Man her blood to save him, while Yoru calls saving her mortal enemy “crossing the line.”

In response, Asa points out that between current events and her fight against Yuko, Chainsaw Man has now saved her life twice. She also adds that watching Chainsaw Man makes her recognize that if “a piece of trash” like him can keep living, then maybe it’s okay for her to keep living too.

Chainsaw Man chapter 129: A dynamic duo is born

As she begins saying that this is why she’s saving him right now, Chainsaw Man chapter 129 sees another appendage come out of the door and head for Asa. Yoru calls out to her, but all Asa can do in time is beg Chainsaw Man to save her as the appendage crashes into the ground. Thankfully, Denji was able to save her in time, hopping on top of cars and across traffic with Asa in his arms.

The two continue running from the appendages in this manner for a few pages, jumping on buildings and the like but being unable to outrun the appendages. Denji apologizes to Asa preemptively, saying that he might not be able to save her. As he says this, nearly a dozen appendages appear out of nearby buildings and rush at the pair, who are in mid-air while jumping as this happens.

Thankfully, Chainsaw Man chapter 129 sees the pair somehow evade this attack. Denji complains about getting tired when Asa sees a nearby motorcycle, asserting that Denji should steal it. However, Denji responds that he can’t steal it since a woman is riding it. This prompts Asa to point out another bike being ridden by a man, hilariously prompting Denji to steal his bike instead.

The man cries out in pain after being knocked to the ground, but Denji tells him to blame Asa, not him. Denji then asks the man to teach him how to ride a motorcycle as another appendage races towards them. Thankfully, Asa uses her weaponization powers to make the “Super Chainsaw Man Motorcycle,” turning the bike into one with a giant chainsaw sticking out from the wheels.

This cuts through the appendage that was coming at the two, allowing them to escape as the man calls out questioning if that’s actually his bike. Chainsaw Man chapter 129 ends on this scene, unfortunately announcing another one-week break for the series. The next issue is set to be released on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, at 12 AM Japanese Standard Time.

Chainsaw Man chapter 129: In summation

While it isn’t the issue many fans were expecting, Chainsaw Man chapter 129 is nevertheless an exciting installment for the series which seemingly sets up Asa’s face-turn. Although the emotions on display in this issue could be situational, they’re clearly based on a real and present affection for Chainsaw Man to some degree.

Chapter 129 also makes what, in retrospect, is likely the right decision to split up Denji and Asa from the Fakesaw Man. Interestingly, this would also imply that neither Denji nor Asa, even with their combined efforts, could defeat the Falling Devil. Resultantly, the implication seems to be that the Fakesaw Man seen in the previous issue and this one is stronger than Denji.

At the very least, Chainsaw Man chapter 129 sets up what should be an exciting string of issues that see Asa and Denji work together until sunrise. What will be especially intriguing to see is the aftermath of their teamwork, and whether or not Denji reveals his secret identity here. Likewise, whether or not Yoshida allows him to reveal his identity could also be very telling.

Be sure to keep up with all Chainsaw Man anime and manga news, as well as general anime, manga, film, and live-action news as 2023 progresses.

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