Date A Live V episode 9 release date, where to watch, and more

Date A Live V episode 9 release date (Image via Geek Toys)
Date A Live V episode 9 release date (Image via Geek Toys)

Date A Live V episode 9 is scheduled for release on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, at 11:30 pm JST.

The latest episode, titled The One Who Pulled the Trigger, which aired on Wednesday, May 29, 2024, features the comeback of Tohka and Kurumi before Mio defeats them again. However, Shido gains Kurumi’s power and turns back time. With this second chance to stop Mio, episode 9 is expected to show how Shido uses this opportunity to save everyone and defeat her.

Date A Live V episode 9 release date, time, and countdown

Date A Live V episode 9, titled A “Second” Date, is set to release on Wednesday, June 5, 2024. The upcoming episode will air on AX-T on the set date at 11:30 pm JST and on June 6, 2024, on Tokyo MX at 1 am JST and BS11 at 1:30 am JST. The release time of episode 9 would differ for international fans depending on their location.

The timings for the release of this anime in different parts of the world are as follows:

Time ZonesDateTime
Pacific Standard TimeWednesday, June 57:30 AM
Central Standard TimeWednesday, June 59:30 AM
Eastern Standard TimeWednesday, June 510:30 AM
Greenwich Mean TimeWednesday, June 52:30 PM
Central European TimeWednesday, June 54:30 PM
Indian Standard TimeWednesday, June 58:00 PM
Philippines Standard TimeWednesday, June 510:30 PM
Australian Central Standard TimeThursday, June 612:00 AM

Where to watch Date A Live V episode 9?

Date A Live V episode 9 will air on various TV stations like AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS11, KBS Kyoto, and Mr./Ms. TV across Japan. Date A Live season 5 is also available for streaming on multiple online platforms, including d Anime Store, U-NEXT, DMM TV, etc. International fans can watch the anime on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

Muse Communication holds the broadcast rights for this Spring 2024 anime in South and Southeast Asia. Hence, fans in most parts of these regions can watch the upcoming episode on their YouTube channel, Muse Asia.

A brief recap of Date A Live V episode 8

Mio fighting Tohka (Image via Geek Toys)
Mio fighting Tohka (Image via Geek Toys)

Date A Live V episode 8 begins with Tohka’s consciousness awakening inside Mio after being absorbed. Within this consciousness, Tohka meets a version of herself who explains the difference between her and the other spirits, which helps awaken her consciousness and allows her to rejoin the fight.

The narrative shifts to Mio revealing her plan to Shido: to redo everything and start over from the day he died as Shinji. Mio begins to make Shido forget everything to restart their journey, but Tohka reappears and saves him. Mio reveals the truth about Tohka: unlike other spirits made from humans, with Mio implanting her ten Sephiras inside them, Tohka is a pure spirit whose Sephira somehow gained consciousness.

Mio shares that she and Tohka, as original spirits, lacked names from the start. Mio dodges Tohka’s attack but gets partially hit. Mio then fights Tohka with all her might, stating that Tohka stole some of her and the other spirits’ power while escaping her. Mio incapacitates Tohka, but Shido buffs her. Tohka armors herself with her power and manages to cut Mio, who uses Ein, eliminating Tohka.

She heals herself and proceeds to restore Shido, who struggles in vain. Just as Mio is about to restore Shido, Kurumi intervenes, explaining how she sent her clone into the future. Mio eliminates her, too, but Kurumi makes Shido realize he can use her powers, as they had previously shared a kiss.

The episode concludes with Shido using Zaphkiel to send himself back in time before the fight with DEM begins, reuniting with Tohka and finding a way to stop Mio. The episode ends with Shido asking Reine on a date.

What to expect in Date A Live V episode 9 (Speculative)?

Tohka with her other self (Image via Geek Toys)
Tohka with her other self (Image via Geek Toys)

Date A Live V episode 9 is expected to focus on Shido’s final chance to stop Mio and save everyone. Viewers can anticipate seeing how Shido manages to confront and overcome Mio and how he deals with Reine as his date with her begins.

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