My Hero Academia chapter 373: The battle over Kurogiri ends with Shirakumo’s possible return, Mutant uprising comes to a halt

Shirakumo's potential return is all My Hero Academia fans are talking about in the wake of chapter 373's official release (Image via bones Studio)

My Hero Academia chapter 373 was released on Sunday, November 20, bringing with it the probable end of the mutant march on the Central Hospital. Fans were quite surprised to see the Kurogiri personality dominate the body of Oboro Shirakumo after both Present Mic and Spinner called out to Shirakumo and Kurogiri, respectively.

However, My Hero Academia chapter 373 dropped some hints in this reveal that may be foreshadowing the eventual reveal of Shirakumo being in control. While still speculative, there are some key pieces of evidence in the issue which support such a theory.

Follow along as this article fully recaps My Hero Academia chapter 373 in its entirety.

My Hero Academia chapter 373 could be linguistically foreshadowing long-awaited return of Oboro Shirakumo

My Hero Academia chapter 373: Shoji’s determination and a message to Mutant-kind

My Hero Academia chapter 373 starts with Mezo Shoji and Koji Koda still outside Central Hospital, remembering Present Mic’s words to them. He asked the two to do whatever it takes to keep people out of the hospital, as the two are seen fighting off various Mutant civilians. As the two are fighting their respective battles, a mutant charges at Shoji with a weapon, but is stopped suddenly.

It’s revealed that the Pig-Man from the last issue is the one who stopped his fellow Mutant, telling the crowd that he thinks they’re using their anger the wrong way. However, the PLF General, still being attacked by Koda, tries to incite the Mutants once more by reminding them of the abuse they’ve suffered and how others turned a blind eye to their pain.

The Pig-Man, however, responds by saying that he is thinking of the abuse he suffered, sharing that his blood is boiling from remembering it. He trails off here as he and other Mutants stand at Shoji’s side, before the Pig-Man jokes about his indecisiveness and discusses how excited he was when he heard about the call to action.

However, he points out that the whole world is too large a group to generalize, saying that he couldn’t bring himself to hurt anyone inside the hospital. My Hero Academia chapter 373 then sees the PLF General cursing Shoji and trying to once more convince the Mutants to keep going and not stop to think about what Shoji or anyone else is saying.

Some of the group resumes their march here, while the Pig-Man continues to ask if he was wrong about everything and if he should’ve just stayed home and kept quiet. Shoji, however, begins speaking here, saying that the feelings which made everyone rise up today aren’t useless or wrong.

My Hero Academia chapter 373 sees him continue by saying that those who have actually hurt them “haven’t been dragged into the light yet,” as Heroes and Mutants are seen reconciling. He continues that those who haven’t stopped thinking about all of their pain and abuse are bright and shining examples to him. He ends by saying that they should be using light to change those who inflicted harm on them into being ashamed to have done so.

My Hero Academia chapter 373: Reaching out to a friend

After a brief scene with Rock Lock rallying the Heroes to go help out in the Central Hospital, My Hero Academia chapter 373 cuts to Present Mic versus Spinner. The former has just knocked the latter down with a voice blast, breaking the voice recorder Spinner was carrying with All For One and Shigaraki’s voices on it.

Spinner is convinced that Kurogiri won’t wake up now, saying he knows what he has to do given the situation. Present Mic, meanwhile, is thinking about how ever since he and Aizawa visited the captive Kurogiri/Shirakumo (KuroKumo), he’s been silent since then. My Hero Academia chapter 373 even sees Mic question if KuroKumo truly is broken beyond repair.

Spinner, meanwhile, is having all of his Quirks deactivated at once, leaving him close to passing out and unable to move his body. He thinks about how no one is backing him up and how he can’t wake up Kurogiri, thinking about his past and how all he wanted was to follow Shigaraki until the Villain “could stand tall.”

Spinner seemingly notices the hand from Shigaraki’s old outfit on the floor here, while Present Mic is rushing towards Spinner while thinking of his younger days with Aizawa and Shirakumo. Mic even thinks of how Aizawa has already lost an eye and a leg, saying that if he isn’t Shirakumo anymore, he should fade away and leave them the memories they had.

Mic begins saying something in case he does end up proving himself to be Shirakumo, but Spinner suddenly grabs Shigaraki’s outfit-hand while thinking of their times together. This gives him the motivation he needs to shove the hand in KuroKumo’s face, telling him he needs to save Shigaraki as Present Mic looks on in horrified shock.

My Hero Academia chapter 373 then sees KuroKumo come alive, with the black fog swirling and revealing aspects of Shirakumo’s visage beneath. As Mic looks on in horror and Spinner is passed out, the awakened KuroKumo tells Present Mic that he is the one who protects Tomura Shigaraki, revealing himself as Kurogiri.

However, the Japanese release of this issue may foreshadow that Shirakumo is the one actually in control here rather than Kurogiri. In the Japanese release, Kurogiri uses “ore” to refer to himself rather than “watashi,” which is what he would typically use. Additionally, Shirakumo, as well as many teenage boys in shonen manga, would typically use “ore” to refer to themselves.

With this in mind, fans are suspecting that it is indeed Oboro Shirakumo in control at the end of My Hero Academia chapter 373. Unfortunately, with this statement from Kurogiri coming on the final page of the issue, fans have no further information with which to propagate this theory as of this article’s writing, aside from aspects of Shirakumo’s visage being visible.

My Hero Academia chapter 373: In summation

Although somewhat slow and uneventful in its first half of wrapping up the Mutant’s assault on Central Hospital, My Hero Academia chapter 373 ends with a fast-paced and shocking 2nd half. Nevertheless, the entire landscape of this alleged final arc for the series has changed, and the exact final impact will depend on whether Kurogiri or Shirakumo is truly in control.

Unfortunately, fans likely won’t be discovering this for quite some time. In true Horikoshi fashion, fans can expect the next issue to bounce perspectives after this amazing and incredible development. While there are certainly fan theories on who is in control, fans likely won’t have any definitive answers on this matter for quite some time.

Finally, My Hero Academia chapter 373’s showcasing the Mutants coming to their senses and ending their march is an extremely nice touch. It also gave both Shoji and Koda plenty of time to shine, which they haven’t had much of throughout the series prior to this moment.

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