One Piece Chapter 1067: Vegapunk's Devil Fruit explained, more Void Century lore, and more

Old enemies are set to make new appearances in the near-future following One Piece Chapter 1067 (Image via Toei Animation)
Old enemies are set to make new appearances in the near-future following One Piece Chapter 1067 (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece Chapter 1067 scanlations were released on Thursday, November 17, bringing with them the all but official release of the issue. Even though scanlations are usually very close to official releases, fans should take everything in them with a grain of salt until the official release comes out.

So, One Piece Chapter 1067 is a treasure trove of information, and it seems to continue the main theme of the Egghead Island arc. This incredibly exciting issue talks about Vegapunk's Devil Fruit, where the ancient robot came from, and a lot more.

Follow along as this article fully recaps the One Piece Chapter 1067 scanlations.

One Piece Chapter 1067 serves as yet another massive info-dump

One Piece Chapter 1067: Vegapunk’s Devil Fruit and Punk Records

One Piece Chapter 1067 picks up where the previous issue left off, with Vegapunk, Luffy, and Chopper safely back on the ground. Bonney asks the doctor what happened to the rest of his head, claiming it used to be like a massive lightbulb. Vegapunk says it was getting too long, so he cut it, prompting Bonney to say they're not talking about hair.

When Vegapunk last saw Bonney, he was nearly as tall as a giant, with an outline of his real head stretching up out of the panel and across the page. Jinbe claims to have heard rumors about Vegapunk's large head but stops when Bonney says it's the size of an air balloon. Vegapunk explains that his appearance was caused by eating Brain-Brain Fruit.

The Fruit transformed him into a Brainy Human, allowing him to memorize an infinite amount of information at the expense of increasing his brain's size proportionally. He describes it as a useful skill for "a born genius like [him]," claiming to have the world's largest brain that is still growing. Luffy wonders if he put it somewhere, while Chopper marvels at Vegapunk's vast medical knowledge.

Luffy inquires of Vegapunk whether he is dumb now that his brain has been removed, prompting Vegapunk to reprimand him briefly before explaining that the apple on his head is an antenna. He points out the top half of the island's massive egg, emphasizing its "Punk Records" label. He claims it's the hangar where he keeps his brain, and that being away from it isn't harmful because his antenna detects brainwaves and transmits data.

He then explains the Vegapunk satellites to Luffy's group, pointing out how Atlas (who they met earlier) was one of his six clones on the island. He explains that each is an aspect of his personality, as they are experts in their respective fields of study. He also emphasizes that, while they make up who he is as a whole, they accomplish six times as much work as separate entities.

Dr. Vegapunk then explains how each of the six Vegapunk satellites connects to Punk Records once a day to synchronize all of their memories and knowledge. Dr. Vegapunk also claims that the value of each of their experiences is enhanced by their distinct personalities and responsibilities.

Luffy and Jinbe are confused, prompting Dr. Vegapunk to compare it to sharing the same library. He then fantasizes about allowing everyone on the planet to connect to Punk Records and gain access to his knowledge. He continues, saying that if everyone updated their Punk Records, it would create a sea of data that dwarfs what he can do alone.

Jinbe, however, points out in One Piece Chapter 1067 that allowing everyone in the world to share potentially conflicting ideologies and the inherent bias there would lead to trouble. Dr. Vegapunk claims he is correct, but science cannot progress if time is spent worrying about such speculative consequences.

One Piece Chapter 1067 then sees an enraged Bonney declare that Vegapunk's problem is precisely that, namely, shrugging off sacrifices in the name of progress. She points her lightsaber at Dr. Vegapunk and says that her father was turned into a heartless weapon because of this. He tries to tell her that it's broken, but she says she knows it works because she's used it before. She demands that Kuma go back to normal and threatens to kill him if he doesn't.

Finally, Vegapunk informs her that the lightsaber "attracts a ludicrous number of bugs," causing a massive swarm of insects to rush to Bonney. Dr. Vegapunk says that he can understand why Bonney wants him dead after she passes out after screaming and crying. He also says that it's funny that one of his many failures saved him. He then seems to remember something about Wano.

He asks if they were recently there, before asking if a dragon just like Kaido had appeared there. One Piece Chapter 1067 sees Luffy, of course, recognize this second dragon as Momonosuke, prompting Dr. Vegapunk to say he ate the defective Fruit he left on Punk Hazard. He explains that it was an artificial Devil Fruit he made after 20 years of researching Kaido’s lineage factor.

However, he bemoans the countless resources he expended on its creation because he couldn't get it just right. Luffy, on the other hand, points out that Momonosuke can do everything Kaido can, including flying, breathing fire, and creating flame clouds. Dr. Vegapunk asks what color he was, to which Luffy responds pink, sending Dr. Vegapunk into a tizzy as he calls the discoloration, a monumental failure.

One Piece Chapter 1067: Ancient robots and old enemies

One Piece Chapter 1067 sees Jinbe point out that Dr. Vegapunk must be a genius and a perfectionist, before the group moves on to discussing the ancient robot. Dr. Vegapunk says he didn't make it, but it is the legendary robot that attacked Mariejois about 200 years ago. He also says it was built more than 900 years ago, which means it was around during the Void Century.

Dr. Vegapunk says he still doesn't know what it was meant to do, but he heard that it ran out of power before it could hurt anyone. Vegapunk talks about how amazed scientists must have been at the time since none of them knew where it came from or what it was meant to do. He also says that the World Government wanted it to be destroyed, but scientists brought it to Egghead Island so it could be passed down in secret.

Dr. Vegapunk congratulates them for finding this hidden place, saying that it looks like a normal wall from the main town. However, Luffy explains that they “just stumbled here” since they were all old and senile from Bonney’s Devil Fruit, with Chopper adding that they were plain old lost. One Piece Chapter 1067 then cuts to Sanji’s group, who are being shown and told the same thing as Luffy’s group.

Robin points out that the "Fish-men Rights Movement" gained traction around 200 years ago. This translation differs significantly from the spoilers' choice, which used names that suggested discrimination against Fish-men began here. Hopefully, the official release of One Piece Chapter 1067 will make this clear.

Shaka explains that Vega Force 01 was built on what he learned from it, but he lacked the ability to reverse engineer every aspect of it. He admits that he was unable to replicate its power source, claiming that it was some ancient power source that destroyed their modern ideas of what was possible.

The Straw Hats seem disinterested in this, with Nami saying that she’s happy Luffy is okay as the others debate on whether or not Jewelry Bonney is really with them. One Piece Chapter 1067 then cuts back to Luffy’s group, where Vegapunk is saying he truly did a terrible thing to Bonney. Luffy agrees, saying he should forgive her, prompting Dr. Vegapunk to tell him he knows nothing of the situation.

He says there’s something he has to give to Bonney but quickly follows this up by saying he feels like fate brought Luffy to Egghead Island today. Then, Dr. Vegapunk is seen asking Luffy to take him away from Egghead Island, which is probably also a reference to the World Government. A shocked Luffy cries out as One Piece Chapter 1067 shifts perspectives to CP0’s ship.

They are seen sailing through the waters surrounding Egghead Island, destroying various robots before hailing Egghead to request entry to the port. The Kuma Seraphim is then seen with Rob Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy. Lucci claims that Bonney has been spotted here as well and that if they see her, they should kill her because "she's served her purpose."

Shaka is told by Pythagoras that a Government ship is coming, which makes him wonder what CP0 wants with them and why Rob Lucci is here. Lilith says they should turn over the pirates because Lucci is, after all, a killer. When Usopp and Nami hear Lucci's name, they start to freak out. Meanwhile, Sanji tells Robin that he will always protect her.

Shaka says that they’ll tell them to hand over Seraphim Kuma and leave, declining their request to dock at the island. Shaka also says that he doubts they’ll respond well to that, telling everyone to prepare for battle. Meanwhile, One Piece Chapter 1067 shifts perspectives to the Kamabakka Kingdom, where Lindbergh is calling out to Kuma, telling him they’re trying to repair him.

Kuma is still hooked up to many cables, but he seems to be trying to move. This makes everyone around him wonder what's wrong and if the Marines still have control over him. He starts running away all of a sudden, which makes Koala ask him where he's going and tell him he's not in good enough shape to move like that, especially since no one seems to know what he's doing or where he's going.

Dragon and Ivankov are then seen calling out to him, with the former asking him to talk to them and where he wants to go so badly. Ivankov, meanwhile, tells him to stay with them, and that the fighting isn’t done and the Revolutionary Army is just getting started. One Piece Chapter 1067 ends here, unfortunately announcing a series break next week.

One Piece Chapter 1067: In summation

Overall, One Piece Chapter 1067 is a very informative issue that both adds to plot points that have already been introduced and sets up new plot points for the near and far future. Dr. Vegapunk's Devil Fruit power is especially interesting because it works in a way that no other power has been shown to do before.

One Piece Chapter 1067 also, very excitingly, seems to be kicking off the confrontation stage of the Egghead Island arc. Fans are extremely excited about the potential rematches and all-new matchups that the arc may feature, with CP0 set to be the main antagonists.

One Piece Chapter 1067 also leaves readers on a major cliffhanger heading into the series’ break week, showing Bartholomew Kuma heading to an unknown destination. Ivankov’s line at the end of the issue also seems to suggest that the Revolutionary Army is preparing to make their next, major move against the World Government.

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