My Hero Academia chapter 375: Toga becomes Twice as Uraraka and Asui's resolves are tested

Uraraka, Asui, and Toga once again find themselves locked in battle in My Hero Academia chapter 375 (Image via bones Studio)
Uraraka, Asui, and Toga once again find themselves locked in a battle in My Hero Academia chapter 375 (Image via Bones Studio)

My Hero Academia chapter 375 was officially released on Sunday, December 11, for most international readers, bringing with it a somewhat disappointing issue. While no particular plot point within makes this chapter a poor one, it’s the overall purpose of the issue and its supposed superfluousness that is bothering fans at large.

My Hero Academia chapter 375 mainly focuses on Himiko Toga’s transformation into Twice and the emotions she felt while wrestling with that decision. The issue also focuses on the efforts of Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui, and at least ends by setting up an exciting battle royale at the Gunga Mountain Villa Ruins for upcoming issues.

However, the issue is still somewhat disappointing, considering it marks a return from a break, as well as how uneventful the issue itself is in general. Follow along as this article fully recaps the highlights of My Hero Academia chapter 375.

My Hero Academia chapter 375 sees series return from break with extremely disappointing, somewhat superfluous issue

Toga’s choice

My Hero Academia chapter 375 begins with a flashback on Okuto Island, where Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui are engaged in a fight against Himiko Toga, who is initially seen sneaking up on Asui, but Uraraka is able to intercept her in time. Uraraka then deduces that Toga is using misdirection to hide her presence, but suspects that there’s a limit to how many people she can trick at once.

Uraraka then plans to keep her constantly in check with at least 4 combatants engaging her at once, calling out for Toga to stop as she thinks this. Gang Orca, meanwhile, comments on how the Nomu he’s fighting doesn’t have any sort of regeneration Quirk.

Gang Orca then addresses the general Heroes present, saying that since most of the villains have been captured, they need to focus on the near-High End Nomus present. He reminds everyone that their job is to secure the island, while My Hero Academia chapter 375 then sees Toga confirm that having less villains around makes it harder for her to hide and easier to get caught.

She questions drinking Jin Bubaigawara’s blood, who better known as the villain Twice. She estimates a 30-40 minute transformation time based on the amount she has, but concludes that if she drinks it now, the Heroes present will easily deal with the clones. This would mean that her Sad Man’s Parade won’t make it off of Okuto Island.

The narrator then specifies that her actions didn’t take any proper combat strategy into account, while Toga says that there’s no way of getting off the island by herself even if she does win. She begins to question if the Heroes know about Bubaigawara’s blood, since they’ve separated and isolated her from the other significant villains involved.

She concludes that every path seems to lead to a dead-end, but says that if this is the case, she’ll bet on Spinner, downing Bubaigawara’s blood as she says this. Meanwhile, the narrator explains how hostility and resignation have turned Toga into a fully fledged villain, implying that she has now abandoned her previous hesitations on Heroes and villains.

My Hero Academia chapter 375: Tsuyu Asui tricked and battle royale begins

My Hero Academia chapter 375 then sees Asui notice that Toga is drinking her blood stock, questioning if she consumed All For One or Shigaraki’s blood. In the end, Asui proclaims that whoever’s blood it is, she won’t let them have it, sticking her tongue out and successfully smashing the vial.

However, Toga reveals that she prepared a feint since Asui is so cool, calm, and collected, revealing that what Asui actually broke is a drug that attracts Nomu. Toga reveals that she got it from All For One, as the various Nomu present begin swarming Asuia. Uraraka calls out to Asui, while Toga says that she won’t hesitate anymore, and that she only has a little time to make sure Bubiagawara’s Parade reaches its full potential.

My Hero Academia chapter 375 then sees Twice clones begin appearing from seemingly out of nowhere, as the narrator says that the hostility in Toga’s heart led to a miracle. Kurogiri suddenly appears, saying he has to save Shigaraki and the others while asking Toga what she wishes for. Toga, now having taken on the appearance of Twice, says that she wants to exterminate all the heroes, starting with Hawks.

Toga also asks Kurogiri to spread her clones around as she enters his Warp Gate, while Uraraka tries to stop Toga by launching her wires. However, they’re repelled by the Twice clones, as Uraraka tells Toga to stop since they still haven’t talked about love. Asui overhears this, showing concern for Uraraka, while Toga responds that it would be great if they could as she fades into Kurogiri’s Warp Gate.

My Hero Academia chapter 375 then returns to the Gunga Mountain Villa Ruins in the present, where Hawks realizes that Toga is using Bubaigawara’s blood. He deduces that she must have a stock somehow, but questions the possibility of this since he infiltrated the place and took measures to avoid it. He confirms there was no blood left to his knowledge, before saying it must’ve been Dabi’s doing.

Toga, however, tells him that it’s too late, as she uses Infinite Doubles: Sad Man’s Parade to spawn a never-ending mountain of Twice clones. Hawks and Kinoko Komori lament the situation and ask how things can get worse, when suddenly Ochaco Uraraka appears out of Kurogiri’s portal.

It is revealed that Asui launched Uraraka through the portal with her tongue, leaving her friend with the words of encouragement that she’s sure Uraraka can unlock Toga’s feelings. My Hero Academia chapter 375 then ends with Dabi, Endeavor, All For One, Hawks, Toga, and Uraraka all ready to square off against one another.

My Hero Academia chapter 375: In summation

My Hero Academia chapter 375 is, overall, a somewhat disappointing issue. While the return of Kurogiri and the setup for the battle royale at the Gunga Mountain Villa Ruins is appreciated, much of the issue feels like it could’ve been brushed aside, or at least done better. Nevertheless, the issue at least advances the plotline of this final arc in some way.

Its main flaws come via the choice to focus on Uraraka, Asui, and Toga’s actions rather than how Kurogiri’s return is influencing other battles. While one can argue that showing Toga’s being rescued by Kurogiri is necessary context, this is just as easily able to be implied and confirmed in a few short panels, rather than needing a whole chapter.

My Hero Academia chapter 375 is also somewhat disappointing in the sense that nothing has really changed since the previous issue’s conclusion. While this would normally not be an issue, author and illustrator Kohei Horikoshi’s recent breaks and returns with chapters like these have made fans somewhat resentful of the story as of late.

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