One Piece Chapter 1038: Zoro's surprise skeletal visitor, Big Mom vs. Law and Kidd and more

One Piece Chapter 1038 puts Zoro in a dangerous spot. (Image via Toei Animation)
One Piece Chapter 1038 puts Zoro in a dangerous spot. (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece Chapter 1038 scanlations have been released today, and with them, previously reported leaks for 1038 have been confirmed. One Piece Chapter 1038 is entitled “Kidd & Law vs. Big Mom,” as was previously reported.

As the leaks claimed, One Piece Chapter 1038 bounces around from group to group to set the stage for the Onigashima raid’s final moments. While these aren’t necessarily the most exciting chapters, One Piece Chapter 1038 does an exceptional job of engaging readers despite primarily consisting of set-up.

Follow along as this article entirely breaks down the One Piece Chapter 1038 scanlations.

One Piece Chapter 1038 sets up Onigashima Raid’s final moments further, putting Zoro and Yamato in precarious predicaments

One Piece Chapter 1038: Opening act

As previously reported, One Piece Chapter 1038 begins with a cover story, focusing on Niji and Yonji of Germa 66. The two have been captured and placed in Charlotte Mont-d’Or’s picture book with Oven and Pudding looking on. Pudding is visibly distressed and Niji and Yonji’s predicament.

Story content for One Piece Chapter 1038 opens up on Raizo and Fukurokuju, who are both still immobilized by the other’s jutsu. Raizo is entirely on fire at this point as Fukurokuju begs Raizo to release his jutsu, so they don’t both perish. Raizo ignores Fukurokuju and focuses on his jutsu through the pain.

The perspective then shifts to a miscellaneous second-floor area, where some samurai are trapped by the flames with nowhere to go. As the roof begins to come down on them, Jinbe appears and holds the roof up, saving the samurai, who then flees.

Jinbe wonders how the fire is spreading so fast while also commenting on how countless will burn to death at this rate.

Returning to the Live Floor, it seems some samurai and Beast Pirates are caught up in the "Big Mom vs. Kidd and Law" crossfire. One Piece Chapter 1038 shows Chopper finally returning to normal size, allowing him to get back in the battle.

However, Chopper’s chief concern is locating Zoro upon remembering the Mink medicine will have his injuries and fatigue impact him twice as much.

As presumably, Chopper asks Zoro not to die on them, perspective shifts outside the Skull Dome to where Zoro currently is. He asks a hooded figure who it is before telling it to get away from him.

Zoro tells the figure to stop as a close-up shot reveals it is a skeleton, realizing his body can't move. Fans should remember the central Wano theme has been the dispersion of the supernatural, a motif that will likely apply here.

One Piece Chapter 1038: Middle act

In a quick follow-up shot to the Zoro scene, Franky is shown wandering the Skull Dome interior right by where Zoro is. He’s also looking for Zoro, making their proximity which seems to be separated by just an outer wall, even more comical.

Perspective makes another quick cut to the first-floor attic, where some Beast Pirates are complaining about Izou’s helping Usopp, Kin’emon, and Kikunojo.

One Piece Chapter 1038 shifts perspective to the first-floor basement, where Izou lands from above with a bleeding abdomen wound. While alive, Izou admits he underestimated their numbers advantage and at least hopes Kikunojo and Kin’emon could escape. Izou then suddenly whips his gun around in the final panel of that page.

Two CP0 agents are then seen, who say it’s best if the two parties pretend they never saw each other. This is in CP0’s best interest, as they’d admittedly like to prioritize the Straw Hats but can’t simply let a Whitebeard commander go.

As CP0 wanders off, saying they’ll surely meet again, Izou stops them, presumably setting up a future fight between the two parties.

One Piece Chapter 1038 once more switches perspective to the basement armory, where Yamato has finally arrived at the explosives. Unfortunately, Kazenbo shows up immediately after her and reaches out towards the munitions. Yamato launches a Namuji Hyoga, an ice-based attack that freezes the bombs.

Kazenbo wastes no time beginning to thaw them, prompting Yamato to attack with a Mahoroba. In response, Kazenbo moans “Orochi-sama” and grows a hand that will likely be used to fight Yamato. In the final panel of this section, Yamato is seemingly blown back by a gust of wind or some other yet unseen force.

One Piece Chapter 1038: Final act

Chapter 1038’s final act focuses on and stays with Big Mom vs. Kidd and Law through the issue’s end. In the opening panel, we see Big Mom still has her hair on fire as she was last seen with.

The Heart and Kidd Pirates both plead with Big Mom to stop attacking the two captains, which she finally obliges after a few hits.

Big Mom teases the two for having their crews beg for their lives in a fight, a fair critique, all things considered. Nevertheless, the two are shown to be completely incapacitated, with Kidd’s eyes rolled so far back his pupils aren’t even visible.

The two crews try to get medics to their captains, but Big Mom prevents this with a lightning attack called Tenman-Tenjin.

With the two crews and both captains seemingly down for the count, Big Mom turns her attention to the rooftop. Big Mom comments that she hasn’t heard Kaido’s typical victory cry yet while expressing disbelief that Luffy could still stand against her fellow Yonko.

Big Mom expresses how tired she is while commanding Hera to take her to the roof.

Law then activates his Awakening and stabs Big Mom through the bottom of her mouth and out through her left cheek. While this initial attack isn’t shown to hurt the Yonko, Law launches a Shock Wille, which damages Big Mom to the point of blood spilling from her mouth.

Iron Homies attempt to attack Law in retaliation for the harm inflicted on their creator, yet they’re pulled away by Kidd’s magnetic pull.

Kidd expresses his distaste for the Iron Homies, while Big Mom believes that Kidd can even still be standing. Kidd says he feels like he has a new reason to keep fighting, betting that Luffy is still fighting and analogizing that even mountains can be worn down by rain.

Kidd rejects that the Yonko are invincible while mounting a metallic bull he made. Kidd rides the bull into Big Mom, which is roughly the same size as her, as she is knocked back by it. Kidd and Law then tell Big Mom to listen up, saying that even if it kills them, the two will never let her get back to the roof.

One PieceChapter 1038 then ends with no announcement of a series break for next week.

In summation

While One Piece Chapter 1038 was primarily a setup chapter for the final moments of Onigashima, there was still engaging action to be found. In particular, Big Mom vs. Law and Kidd is stupendously well done and seems to stage a focus on this fight in the immediate future.

Furthermore, Zoro’s situation is full of precarious and unknown variables. While fans can rest easy that Zoro will likely survive his skeletal situation, him coming under serious harm isn’t out of the question.

One Piece Chapter 1038’s setup of this situation will likely be further fleshed out and resolved in the next few chapters.

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