One Piece Chapter 1044 (Full-length Spoilers): Kozuki's revenge at hand, Gear Fifth details, and more

Luffy's trademark laugh and smile are a key motif in One Piece Chapter 1044 (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Luffy's trademark laugh and smile are a key motif in One Piece Chapter 1044 (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

One Piece Chapter 1044 full-length spoilers were released earlier this morning, with some extremely important additional details coming with them. The most significant new information pertains to Hiyori and Orochi’s confrontation, which almost certainly will end in revenge for the Kozuki clan.

Additionally, several new Gear Fifth details were given, with points regarding the form in the initial One Piece Chapter 1044 spoilers being expanded upon. Without a doubt, One Piece Chapter 1044 is one of, if not the most, momentous chapters in the entire series, and the additional spoilers further prove this fact.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down the One Piece Chapter 1044 full-length spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 1044 shows the Kozuki clan’s revenge, Luffy vs. Kaido round two, and more

One Piece Chapter 1044: Luffy’s revival

One Piece chapter 1044 begins its story content with Luffy speaking, though the perspective isn’t close enough for viewers to see him. Spoilers specify the sound of drums is getting louder, likely being displayed through a drumming onomatopoeia growing in size.

He asks himself what happened and how he can get up if he had lost before, saying he feels “so much fun” and begins laughing. As he speaks, fans can see black Conqueror’s Haki lightning bolts emanating from his body, still in a distant perspective.

One Piece Chapter 1044 then shifts perspective to Zunesha, who is still with the World Government ships in the seas near Wano. Momonosuke is also seen here, looking up at the Skull Dome rooftop, visibly upset and trembling. He asks aloud if Joy Boy means Luffy, which prompts Yamato to ask if this is what Zunesha said.

One Piece Chapter 1044 yet again shifts perspective to the Pleasure Hall, where Sanji is asleep on a futon and being cared for. He suddenly arises because he senses something, which is evidently Luffy since he says his captain's name aloud.

The Live Floor shows similar reactions from Hyougouro, Law, Kid, Hyougouro, and Marco. The lattermost tells Nami and Otama that Luffy is still alive and breathing, which the two question in a seemingly happy manner.

One Piece Chapter 1044: The Gorosei’s Goals and Luffy’s metamorphosis

Perspective yet again shifts to Mariejois, in the Pangea Castle’s “Room of Authority,” where the Gorosei meets. “One of” the Gorosei wonders aloud if their objectives are worth losing a top CP0 agent and upsetting Kaido. The Gorosei with dreadlocks replies that it’s well worth it, considering what recent Wano developments may lead to globally.

The Swordsman Gorosei chimes in here, saying that the World Government has tried maintaining control of the Gum-Gum Fruit in every era. Yet somehow, the Fruit always gets away, also ending his statement with “800 years have passed,” likely referencing the last time the Fruit was Awakened.

The Gorosei with the large beard and mustache says that it’s almost like the Gum-Gum Fruit escapes on its own. The Gorosei, with a spot on his head, says that it’s possible since Zoans have a mind of their own, adding that the Fruit also has the “name of a God.”

He and the Blonde Gorosei then reveal that the true name of the Fruit is the Mythological Zoan Human-Human Fruit, Model: Nika. As they say this, a magnificent double-page spread appears, showing Luffy high in the sky against the full moon. His silhouette is identical to Nika’s, excluding the weapons in the latter’s hands.

The sound of the drums continues, and a close-up on Luffy’s silhouetted face makes it clear that he’s laughing. The Gorosei continue speaking as the close-up occurs, explaining that the Fruit’s owner's body has the properties of rubber. They say he can fight in any way he wishes, making people smile wherever he goes.

They dub him the “Warrior of Liberation,” also calling him “The Sun God,” saying that Awakening the Fruit gives the user even more strength and freedom. They end by saying that it’s hailed as the most “ridiculous” power in the world.

One Piece Chapter 1044: Kozuki Clan’s revenge, and Kurozumi clan’s comeuppance

One Piece Chapter 1044 then returns to the Treasure Hall, where Orochi is still trapped under the rubble and stabbed with Sea Prism Stone. He begins trying to convince Hiyori that he respected and loved Oden too, saying he was used by Kaido.

He says they should run away together, asking her to take the needles off before she interrupts him. Hiyori reminds Orochi that her father kept his promise, dancing for five years like a fool and believing he and Kaido would uphold their end of the bargain. She continues, saying he endured burning oil and embarrassment, staying happy all the while.

This prompts a flashback, where Hiyori asks Oden if he’s happy with everyone’s negative opinions of him. He responds that he is, since he has his family by his side. She says that they should stay together forever, as the flashback ends and fades back into the present.

Orochi continues praising Oden, clearly trying to curry favor in his presumed last moments. As he praises him, Hiyori interrupts, proudly declaring herself a Kozuki clan member and telling him to be silent. She says that even when times were hard, she proudly carried herself as a Kozuki, and calls him a pathetic fool who shouldn’t be Shogun for even a day.

Realizing Hiyori’s anger, he tries to plead for no revenge, saying it isn’t very popular nowadays and that she has no chance of defeating Kaido without him. A tiny version of Kazenbo appears, telling Orochi he failed. The latter then tells him to burn Hiyori to death, calling this turn of events a “tragicomedy” and says this is the “luck of the strongest.”

In a shocking turn of events, Kazenbo instead crawls towards Orochi, igniting him and causing him to burn violently. Hiyori looks defiantly at him with tears in her eyes, quoting her mother's words and telling him that the dawn will come. He asks her for help, but she responds by saying that the Kozuki clan always keeps its promises.

One Piece Chapter 1044: Luffy vs. Kaido, round two

One Piece chapter 1044 then returns to the Skull Dome rooftop, where Luffy’s silhouette is still seen against the moon. He says he feels like he can do anything he wants, saying his heartbeat sounds so fun and that this is his highest peak. He calls this new form his Gear Fifth.

Back on the Live Floor, a massive blast of Conqueror’s Haki comes from the rooftop, followed by the ability’s signature black lightning bolts. As Beast Pirate fodder falls unconscious, Kaido looks worriedly at the roof, wondering what could possibly be up there. Clearly, he’s still under the impression Luffy has died.

In another double-page spread, the rooftop begins to crumble as Luffy’s arms appear from the hole. They’re massive, able to grab a dragon-form Kaido wholly around without difficulty. Everyone present looks on in shock, with Chopper even crying tears of joy that his captain is still alive.

Luffy easily pulls Kaido up to the roof, with the latter’s eyes popping out in a very cartoon-like fashion. He then increases his muscle mass, spinning his dragon opponent around at such speed to cause his eyes to pop out again cartoonishly.

Luffy then starts slamming Kaido’s body back and forth on the ground, eventually letting go. The latter arises with a bump on his head, clearly dizzying as indicated by the stars surrounding him. Luffy can’t stop laughing as Kaido begins thanking Straw Hat for being alive.

He then launches a Bolo Breath, which causes his opponent to stop laughing and instead look worrisomely at the attack. He’s now returned to his normal form, and the shock has caused his own eyes to pop out of his skull in a more cartoonish way than Kaido’s did.

Luffy then grabs the ground with his hands, stretching it and turning it into rubber in the process. The Bolo Breath hits the ground, but can’t destroy it since it's rubber, and merely sits there. He then shifts back into his increased muscle mass form and pulls on the ground, launching the Bolo Breath back up at Kaido in the process.

The attack makes contact with its original launcher and explodes, presumably dealing great damage to him. Luffy’s body is then seen fully and clearly, with his physical appearance being the same as always. His shirt is now white instead of black, but the leaker emphasizes that fans will see the “actual color that Oda gives to the shirt.”

His hair now looks like flames, and around his neck and arms is a vapor collar seen in Gear Fourth form. His eyebrows are now curled, similarly to Sanji’s, and his pupils have changed to look similar to those of Im-sama, Zunesha, Mihawk, and Hakuba. As Kaido arises, Luffy laughs non-stop as Gear Fifth is officially and formally presented..

In One Piece Chapter 1044’s final moments, Kaido apologizes to Luffy for what happened, saying he was stupid and that he didn’t want to win like that. Looking at his opponent with a smile and determination on his face, he says not to worry about it, before saying they should end this. One Piece Chapter 1044 then ends, confirming there will be no break next week.

One Piece Chapter 1044: In summation

One Piece Chapter 1044’s full-length spoilers build upon what was already a momentous chapter. The additional details regarding Hiyori and Orochi’s confrontation are incredibly welcome, confirming what many fans have theorized regarding the Kozuki clan’s vengeance.

One Piece Chapter 1044’s full-length spoilers also provide additional and welcome information surrounding Luffy’s Awakening and the Gorosei’s discussion. Both of these give great context for how important and powerful Luffy’s Awakening truly is in the grand world of One Piece.

Be sure to keep up with all One Piece anime, manga, film, and live-action news as the year of the series’ 25th anniversary progresses.

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