One Piece Chapter 1055 (Full Spoilers): Ancient Wano introduced, Uta receives Shiki treatment, and more

The antagonist of One Piece Film: Red seems to be receiving treatment  similar to Shiki in One Piece Chapter 1055 (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
The antagonist of One Piece Film: Red seems to be receiving treatment similar to Shiki in One Piece Chapter 1055 (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

After the initial spoilers broke for the issue in less than 24 hours, One Piece Chapter 1055’s full summary spoilers were released via various social media and forum sites. With multiple leakers confirming their veracity, fans seem to have an exhilarating official release waiting for them this Sunday, July 31st.

One Piece Chapter 1055 full summary spoilers also clarified specific points, particularly regarding “Ancient Wano.” With a complete summary of Kozuki Sukiyaki, Nico Robin, and Trafalgar Law’s expedition to the aforementioned archaic society, many details have become much clearer for fans.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down the latest One Piece Chapter 1055 summary spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 1055 sees Uta apparently canonized amidst vast lore-dumps and setup for final issues of Wano arc

One Piece Chapter 1055: Akazya vs. Admiral and Ancient Wano

One Piece Chapter 1055 opens up with a shot of Nami, Tama, and Zeus in the Flower Capital before shifting to the continuation of the Akazaya Nine versus Admiral Ryokugyu battle. Momonosuke seems to have initially taken a loss in his confrontation with the Admiral, prompting Yamato to try and help him out.

However, the new shogun insists against this, clearly feeling a personal responsibility to defend Wano and its saviors. Meanwhile, Raizo uses the Maki Maki no Jutsu technique to launch a fire attack at the Admiral. While it initially seemed effective, Ryokugyu reveals that he was only joking before using his Fireproof Forest technique to break through the flames.

He then mocks the shinobi for believing he could win against an Admiral by attempting to exploit such an apparent weakness before stabbing him with a branch and sucking out his nutrients. Kawamatsu tries to help but is unable to contend with the Hydra-like nature of Ryokugyu’s roots and branches. Soon after, he, Denjiro, and Nekomamushi are also impaled.

One Piece Chapter 1055 then shifts perspective to the secret room of Kozuki Sukiyaki, where a secret passageway with long, descending stairs has opened up in the ground. Sukiyaki, Robin, and Law then head down the stairs, with Robin teasing Law for tracking her down. He retorts that he’s not an animal and merely searched for her when he noticed her absence at the party.

Sukiyaki then explains that he never told Kaido and Orochi of this passageway. He adds that since Jack the Drought was a Fish-man, it didn’t take long for them to find the Poneglyph. Robin asks why he did not tell them about the passageway, but he responds that this will become apparent shortly. He then tells the story of Wano but is interrupted by Robin seeing a light coming from a hole in the passageway.

Sukiyaki tells her she can inspect for herself, explaining that they are now below sea-level and the glass is blocking the water from getting in. After Robin crawls through the hole, Law teleports to her, and the two are shocked to see the ruins of an ancient city. Sukiyaki tells them that it’s the ruins of Ancient Wano, saying their preservation is intact since the water is freshwater rather than saltwater.

He then begins by explaining the fate of Ancient Wano (with accompanying panels and artwork), saying that Wano was once three times larger than the current nation. Located at Mount Fuji's bottom, the place was equal to the sea level rather than high above it. However, at one point in history, the great walls surrounding the island were built, and the country became isolated.

However, this led to the rainwater accumulating at an unsustainable rate within the walls and the country flooded beyond salvation. This water then collected to the point of spilling over the great walls of Ancient Wano, creating the waterfalls that the Straw Hat and Big Mom Pirates had to climb to enter the country.

People eventually decided to abandon Ancient Wano and rebuild the country around the mountainside of Mt. Fuji, which is the current Wano. The group then reaches the bottom of the stairs, where Sukiyaki opens the door to reveal the Road Poneglyph of Wano. This prompts Robin to remark that if the crew finds one more Poneglyph, they can finally reach Laugh Tale.

Sukiyaki then explains that the room is on a high platform inside the cave at Mt. Fuji’s base, and that deep below lies the Ancient Weapon Pluton. However, Sukiyaki says he’s never seen the weapon, meaning he can’t show Law and Robin where it is.

He then elaborates that to bring Pluton out, the great walls of Wano must come down. In other words, to open the borders of Wano is to destroy the defensive walls of the country, meaning that the Ancient Weapon Pluton will be unleashed on the world.

Robin wonders why Oden wanted to do this, with Sukiyaki responding that he has told them everything he knows. He then continues to say that he has no idea what Oden discovered on his journey as One Piece Chapter 1055 shifts perspective once again.

One Piece Chapter 1055: Momo’s new move and a strong Haki sensed

One Piece Chapter 1055 returns to the Akazaya and Admiral Ryokugyu conflict. Aside from Momo, the latter has trapped the former and says they cannot do anything against Mother Nature. He then explains that their dethroning of Kaido is what caused him to come, saying his reign in the country is what kept enemies away.

Ryokugyu then says to bring him the head of Straw Hat Luffy, saying he’ll leave the country once he has the new Yonko’s head. Yamato wonders whether they should ask the Straw Hats and Luffy for help, saying they won’t lose to someone like him. While crying, Momo says he doesn’t need Luffy or anyone’s help, once more asking Yamato to stop assisting.

He then explains that he wants Yamato, Luffy, Zoro, and the others to be able to safely leave since he and Wano can’t always rely on them. Questioning how they can protect their country if they entrust its safety to those about to leave, Momo affirms that the people of Wano must be able to protect themselves against enemies.

Ryokugyu then mocks Momonosuke for such childish words and dreams, saying that he never thought a dragon could “be so embarrassing.” This seems to stir something within Momonosuke, causing the new shogun to use the Blast Breath on the Admiral successfully. This causes Akazaya and Yamato to break free while Ryokugyu looks at Momo in shock.

Yamato wonders at Momo’s mastery of his dragon powers, as Denjiro comments that the new shogun isn’t aiming quite well. Meanwhile, he shoots another Blast Breath at the Admiral, burning his tree body away. However, a sprout begins to grow as it transforms into a new Ryokugyu who continues to battle.

He teases Momonosuke, calling him a “Kaido wannabe” while threatening to pierce him from mouth to tail. Suddenly, One Piece Chapter 1055 sees black lightning from a distance, causing Ryokugyu to become paralyzed with pain. He then realizes it’s Conqueror’s Haki, deducing it to be Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates, and he belatedly realizes how close they are.

The Red Force (the crew’s ship) is still seen in the oceans near Wano as officers plead with their captain to stop before causing anymore rookies to faint. Shanks then says he won’t call Ryokugyu despicable, but feels that “targeting those new leaves that just changed pirate history… is tasteless.”

As he says this, memories of his time with Luffy, Momonosuke, and, in a shocking surprise, Uta (which is apparent by her unique hairstyle) play out in One Piece Chapter 1055’s artwork. A close-up panel of an extremely angry Shanks is then seen before he seemingly teases Ryokugyu from afar by questioning if he’s afraid of the coming of the “New Era.”

Meanwhile, the Admiral returns to his normal form before retreating, saying he has no intention of fighting Shanks and his crew at the moment. Yamato, Momonosuke, and the Akazaya begin celebrating as the new shogun cries joyfully.

One Piece Chapter 1055 then shifts perspective to the Flower Capital, where Brook, Usopp, Chopper, and Franky are still at the celebrations with Hiyori and Otoko. Outside the city, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbe are sitting on the ground and celebrating Ryokugyu’s departure.

The group then happily discusses how their help was not needed and how proud they are of Momonosuke, before they address the powerful Conqueror’s Haki they just felt. In One Piece Chapter 1055’s final panel, Luffy can be seen smiling as the Red Force leaves Wano’s seas, and he briefly remarks that a “familiar face popped in [his] head.”

One Piece Chapter 1055: In summation

Overall, One Piece Chapter 1055 is an incredible continuation to the series’ return from hiatus in the previous issue. Featuring plenty of action, lore, and cameo appearances (both expected and unexpected), One Piece Chapter 1055 is an issue which most fans seem to be incredibly excited about.

Arguably, one of the most exciting aspects of One Piece Chapter 1055 is the maturity Momonosuke shows during his fight with Ryokugyu. While the Admiral mocked his dreams for being childish, mentally, he is still eight years old, which only emphasizes how incredibly mature his dreams and goals are for his country.

Finally, with the introduction of Ancient Wano, the specification of what it means to open Wano’s borders is undoubtedly one of the most exciting aspects of One Piece Chapter 1055. Fans always welcome such lore, and this piece of information has thus far proven to be no exception.

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