One Piece chapter 1083: Reverie revelations galore, including Admirals vs. Revolutionary Army Commanders and Sabo teasing Cobra’s fate

One Piece Chapter 1083
One Piece Chapter 1083's unofficial release seemingly promises incredibly exciting and informative issue (Image via Sportskeeda)

The scanlations for One Piece chapter 1083 were released earlier this week, marking the issue's unofficial printing and seemingly corroborating text-based spoiler information. While fans will have to wait for the issue’s official release on Monday, May 15, 2023, at 12 AM Japanese Standard Time to assert these events as fact, scanlations are typically mostly accurate.

As such, fans are discussing and debating the events of One Piece chapter 1083 with scanlations in mind. Inherently, the issue is fantastic for finally showing fans the events of the Reverie after years of waiting. Additionally, the issue is an incredibly high-quality one, full of subtle lore dumps, new Devil Fruit introductions, and more.

One Piece chapter 1083 finally gives fans the years-long payoff to Reverie side-story

One Piece chapter 1083: War has begun

One Piece chapter 1083’s scanlations begin with the cover page, which features none other than fan-favorite Donquixote Doflamingo. The cover is a request by a fan named “Mikuro,” who wished to see “Doflamingo tending to a fallen chick and making a nest with his coat.” Doffy is seen with a stern expression while seemingly offering the chick a bandage.

The issue then jumps into its story content, beginning at the Kamabakka Kingdom, where several Revolutionary Army members are seen gathering outside the castle. Within the castle, Sabo is confirming that the mission for the Reverie was a success in terms of what their original goals were heading into the assault.

One Piece chapter 1083 established this as declaring war by destroying a statue of the Celestial Dragons’ symbol, rescuing Bartholomew Kuma and other slaves, and destroying the Holy Land’s food reserves. Sabo then asks Emporio Ivankov and Monkey D. Dragon what the fallout was of their assault, with Dragon revealing that they triggered uprisings in 12 nations where they had a strong influence.

Eight of these were considered successful, but as Ivankov points out, one of them was the now-destroyed Kingdom of Lulusia. It’s also established that newspapers are censoring the reality of the situation in these seven other countries, but all seven have at least declared an intent to not pay tribute or comply with exploitative resource exportation.

One Piece chapter 1083 then sees Ivankov specify that the Revolutionary Army is attacking World Government supply ships all over the world to stop them from reaching Mariejois. Iva then maniacally points out the irony in Mariejois being considered an impenetrable fortress due to its height, with the Revolutionary Army’s actions set to see the Celestial Dragons live under siege instead.

Ivankov giddily shouts about this reality, while Dragon confirms that they must be having the Celestial Dragons worried and anxious by now. However, Dragon also acknowledges that the Celestial Dragons won’t just roll over and die. It’s here that Dragon introduces the Holy Knights, with the silhouettes of all 9 appearing as Dragon discusses them.

One Piece chapter 1083 then sees Ivankov remind Sabo that he’ll be their number one target as the face of the revolution. Dragon then says that despite the truth behind King Cobra Nefertari of Alabasta’s assassination, the news reports have already made him a hero. Dragon then discusses how while the majority of authority figures within the World Government abuse their power, there are some who are more fair.

Dragon asserts Cobra to be one of the exceptions, calling him an outstanding king and lamenting how misinformation spreads fast. Sabo counters that, despite how cold it sounds, he can live with how this all played out if it helps grow the rebellion. Dragon comments on how unshakeable Sabo is, while Ivankov shows a paper with a photo of Sabo standing over Cobra’s corpse and asks what happened.

One Piece chapter 1083 sees Ivankov share how they desperately want to believe Sabo’s innocence despite how it seems. This starts a flashback to the time of the Reverie, focusing on Mariejois. Several Celestial Dragons are seen running away from an explosion, shouting about how the four Commanders of the Revolutionary Army are attacking.

One Piece chapter 1083: Mariejois under siege

By this point, it appears that the Celestial Dragons’ symbol and the food stores have been attacked. One Celestial Dragon is seen savagely beating his slave for not going fast enough and is about to shoot him dead when Karasu swoops in to save the day. Karasu then uses one of his crows to tell the slave to escape to the east of the city, while Cipher Pol agents shoot at Karasu himself.

One Piece chapter 1083 then sees the bullets appear to go through Karasu, as a cloud of what appears to be soot forms at the feet of the shooters. Karasu then rises up from behind them, attacking them with his Soot-Soot Fruit as he is reintroduced and his Devil Fruit is introduced for the first time. The issue then shows Lindbergh freeing several slaves and also telling them to head to the east of the city.

Lindbergh then comments on how the fight between the Admirals and the other Commanders is going, with Karasu instructing him to focus on freeing slaves while they fight. Karasu is then seen attacking Admiral Fujitora with several crows, while Morley is dealing with a tree-man form Admiral Ryokugyu, with the two arguing about who’s destroying the city.

One Piece chapter 1083 sees some Celestial Dragons threaten to see Ryokugyu dead if any of them get hurt, prompting the Admiral to comment on how impossible it is to fight in Mariejois. Fujitora is then seen preparing to call in a meteor strike, prompting Ryokugyu to remind him that doing such is a terrible idea.

The former members of CP9 Fukurou, Blueno, Kumadori, Kalifa, and Jabra are then seen discussing how their being in Mariejois is what’s stopping the Admirals from going full power. Even so, they acknowledge that the Revolutionary Army commanders are fighting well even considering the handicap they have.

One Piece chapter 1083 then cuts to Sabo, who is sneaking around Pangaea Castle searching for the keys to the slave collars. Sabo then reports that he saw Kuma inside Pangaea Castle, being led around by his owners Saints Roswald and Charlos. The issue also sees Shirahoshi and Jewelry Bonney appear briefly while Sabo tells everyone to be prepared for what’s next.

The issue then shifts perspectives to Vivi Nefertari, who is being followed around by Rob Lucci. Vivi, however, asks him to leave, preferring to get Monkey D. Garp’s help instead. Lucci asserts that they’ll protect her, prompting Vivi to ask if it’ll be like how they “protected” Shirahoshi. She then asserts that Shirahoshi is still in danger as the issue shifts perspectives to her father, Cobra.

In the final panels of One Piece chapter 1083, fans see Cobra get ready to meet with the Gorosei. However, he’s told that only he can enter, meaning Chaka and Pell must stay behind. The two initially object to this, but Cobra tells them it’s fine, advising them that looking out for Vivi is a much better use of their time as the issue comes to an end.

One Piece Chapter 1083: In review

In and of itself, One Piece chapter 1083 is fantastic for what it gives readers. Finally, the year-long wait to learn what happened at the Reverie is over, with a seemingly multi-chapter flashback ahead to explain said events. This inherently makes for such a good issue that it’s impossible to call this latest installment anything but.

However, even separating that fact, the chapter is still an exceptional one. Fans are given tons of lore and info, as well as being introduced to the new enemies the Holy Knights. Likewise, the issue also reintroduces readers to the Revolutionary Army Commanders, as well as introducing Karasu’s presumably Logia-type Soot Soot Fruit.

The reappearance of the former CP9 members is also welcome, with their white attire suggesting them to also be a part of CP0. Such callbacks and reunions are always exciting for fans to see, which emphasizes how nice it is for One Piece chapter 1083 to find a way to include such a small detail in as jam-packed an issue as this one.

Even with how dense the installment is, it’s one that readers are unable to put down once they pick up. It’s impossible to think of this issue with anything but excitement due to the sheer multi-year payoff present within. Even isolating this inherent component of the issue from the chapter’s overall excellence, it’s still another outstanding release for Oda’s odyssey-like manga series.

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