Warzone player shows secret area on Rebirth Island where aim assist doesn't work

Warzone Rebirth Island
There is a place on Rebirth Island in Warzone where aim assist doesn't work (Image via Activision)

A Call of Duty Warzone player has found a place on Rebirth Island where aim assist doesn't work at all. Since the release of the CoD battle royale, aim assist on the controller has been a topic of debate. While mouse and keyboard (MnK) users complain that controller players have the upper hand, there are opinions validating the other side as well.

However, the aim assist in Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 is pretty strong. So, having a secret place in a fan-favorite map where the feature doesn't work at all might come as a shock to some fans.

Read on to learn where exactly aim assist doesn't work on Rebirth Island in Warzone and the possible reason behind it.

Where does aim assist reportedly not work in Warzone's Rebirth Island?

On a Reddit thread, a user named BoyGnetik posted a video that shows how the player, despite using a controller, couldn't aim at the opponent. The location is the ground floor of the main building of the Control Center on Rebirth Island. The remastered version of the map has some minor differences compared to the original version.

However, the biggest change seems like the aim assist not working on a part of the ground floor. According to a Redditor, the specific space is near the big window opening area in the same building. Here is the video to give you an idea of where aim assist doesn't work in Warzone.

This discovery has again fueled the rivalry between controller players and MnK players. Controller players on the thread mocked the other community by saying that this is where MnK players will land. As a result, a MnK player named u/Jeanton716 stated:

"It’s fun seeing what your guys aim actually looks like"
Comment byu/BoyGnetik from discussion inCODWarzone

While this debate will go on, there is no doubt that this recent discovery is a glitch. Hence, players might exploit it as the place becomes more popular. We can hope that Activision will soon look into this issue and that the devs will fix it shortly.

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