1983 World Cup Team

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The 1983 World Cup had 8 teams - India, West Indies, Australia, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka & Zimbabwe.

1983 World Cup Teams


Captain: Kapil Dev

PlayerDate of BirthAgeBatting StyleBowling Style
Kapil Dev (c)1/6/195924Right handRight arm fast-medium
Mohinder Amarnath9/24/195032Right handRight arm medium
Kirti Azad1/2/195924Right-handRight-arm off-spinner
Roger Binny7/19/195527Right-handRight-arm fast-medium
Sunil Gavaskar7/10/194933Right handRight arm medium
Syed Kirmani (wk)12/29/194933Right-handedWicket-keeper
Madan Lal3/20/195132Right-handRight-arm medium
Sandeep Patil8/18/195626Right-handRight-arm medium
Balwinder Sandhu8/3/195626Right-handedRight arm medium-fast
Yashpal Sharma8/11/195428Right-handedRight-arm medium
Ravi Shastri5/27/196221Right-handSlow left-arm orthodox
Krishnamachari Srikkanth12/21/195923Right handRight-arm medium
Sunil Valson10/2/195824Right-handLeft-arm medium
Dilip Vengsarkar4/6/195627Right handRight arm medium

1983 World Cup Team

West Indies

Captain: Clive Llyod

PlayerDate of BirthAgeBatting StyleBowling Style
Clive Lloyd (c)8/31/194438left handRight-arm medium
Faoud Bacchus1/31/195429Right-handRight-arm medium
Wayne Daniel1/16/195627Right-handRight-arm fast
Winston Davis9/18/195824Right-handedRight-arm fast
Jeff Dujon (wk)5/28/195627Right-handWicket-keeper
Joel Garner12/16/195230Right handRight-arm fast
Larry Gomes7/13/195329Left-handRight-arm offbreak
Gordon Greenidge5/1/195132Right-handRight-arm medium/offbreak
Desmond Haynes2/15/195627Right-handRight-arm legbreak/medium pace
Michael Holding2/16/195429Right-handRight-arm fast
Gus Logie9/28/196022Right-handRight-arm off break
Malcolm Marshall10/18/195824Right-handRight-arm fast
Viv Richards3/7/195231Right-handRight-arm medium/offbreak
Andy Roberts1/29/195132Right-handRight-arm fast

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West Indies 1983 World Cup team


Captain: Kim Hughes

PlayerDate of BirthAgeBatting StyleBowling Style
Kim Hughes (c)1/26/195429Right handRight arm medium
Allan Border7/27/195527Left handLeft arm orthodox spin
Trevor Chappell10/12/195230Right handRight arm medium
Tom Hogan9/23/195626Right-handSlow left-arm orthodox
Rodney Hogg3/5/195132Right handRight hand fast
David Hookes5/3/195528Left-handed
Geoff Lawson12/7/195725Right-handRight-arm fast
Dennis Lillee7/18/194933Right-handRight-arm fast
Ken MacLeay4/2/195924Right-handRight-arm medium
Rod Marsh (wk)11/4/194735Left-handedWicket-keeper
Jeff Thomson8/16/195032Right-handedRight arm fast
Kepler Wessels9/14/195725Left-handedRight arm off break
Graeme Wood11/6/195626Left-handedRight arm medium
Graham Yallop10/7/195230Left handLeft-arm medium


Captain: Bob Willis

PlayerDate of BirthAgeBatting StyleBowling Style
Bob Willis (c)5/30/194934Right handRight arm fast
Paul Allott9/14/195626Right handRight arm fast-medium
Ian Botham11/24/195527Right handRight arm fast-medium
Norman Cowans4/17/196122Right-handRight-arm fast
Graham Dilley5/18/195924Left-handedRight-arm fast
Graeme Fowler4/20/195726Left-handedRight-arm medium
Mike Gatting6/6/195726Right handRight arm medium
Ian Gould (wk)8/19/195725Left handWicket-keeper
David Gower (vc)4/1/195726Left handRight arm off-break
Trevor Jesty6/2/194835Right-handRight-arm medium
Allan Lamb6/20/195429Right-handRight-arm medium
Vic Marks6/25/195528Right-handedRight-arm off break
Derek Randall2/24/195132Right handRight arm medium
Chris Tavaré10/27/195428Right-handRight arm off break

New Zealand

Captain: Geoff Howarth

PlayerDate of BirthAgeBatting StyleBowling Style
Geoff Howarth (c)3/29/195132Right handRight arm offbreak
John Bracewell4/15/195825Right-handedRight arm off break
Lance Cairns10/10/194933Right handRight arm medium-fast
Ewen Chatfield7/3/195033Right handRight arm medium-fast
Jeremy Coney6/21/195231Right handRight arm medium
Jeff Crowe9/14/195824Right-handedRight arm, medium pace
Martin Crowe9/22/196220Right-handRight-arm medium
Bruce Edgar11/23/195626Left handWicket-keeper
Richard Hadlee7/3/195132Left handRight arm fast
Warren Lees (wk)3/19/195231Right handWicket-keeper
Ian Smith (wk)2/28/195726Right-handedWicket-keeper
Martin Snedden11/23/195824Left-handRight-arm medium-fast
Glenn Turner5/26/194736Right handRight arm offbreak
John Wright7/5/195428Left handRight arm medium


Captain: Imran Khan

PlayerDate of BirthAgeBatting StyleBowling Style
Imran Khan (c)11/25/195230Right handRight arm fast
Abdul Qadir9/15/195527Right-handRight-arm leg spin
Ijaz Faqih3/24/195627Right-handRight-arm offbreak
Mansoor Akhtar9/6/196220Right-handRight-arm offspin
Mohsin Khan3/15/195528Right-handRight-arm medium pace
Mudassar Nazar4/6/195627Right handRight arm medium
Rashid Khan12/15/195923Right-handRight-arm fast-medium
Sarfraz Nawaz12/1/194834Right handRight arm fast-medium
Shahid Mahboob8/25/196220Right-handRight-arm fast-medium
Tahir Naqqash6/6/195924Right-handRight-arm fast-medium
Wasim Bari (wk)3/23/194835Right handWicket-keeper
Wasim Raja7/3/195230Left handRight arm legbreak
Zaheer Abbas7/24/194735Right handRight arm offbreak
Javed Miandad6/12/195726Right handRight arm legbreak

Sri Lanka

Captain: Duleep Mendis

PlayerDate of BirthAgeBatting StyleBowling Style
Duleep Mendis (c)8/25/195230Right hand
Guy de Alwis (wk)2/15/195924Right-handWicket-keeper
Ashantha de Mel5/9/195924Right-hand batRight-arm medium-fast
Somachandra de Silva6/11/194241Right handRight arm legbreak
Roy Dias10/18/195230Right handRight-arm offbreak
Vinothen John5/27/196023Right-handRight-arm medium-fast
Brendon Kuruppu1/5/196221Right-handedWicket-keeper
Ranjan Madugalle4/22/195924Right handRight-arm offbreak
Arjuna Ranatunga12/1/196319Left-handRight-arm medium
Rumesh Ratnayake1/2/196419Right-hand batRight-arm fast-medium
Athula Samarasekera8/5/196121Right-hand batRight-arm medium
Sidath Wettimuny8/12/195626Right handRight-arm medium
Susil Fernando12/19/195527Right hand-
Granville de Silva3/12/195528Right-hand batRight-arm medium


Captain: Duncan Fletcher

PlayerDate of BirthAgeBatting StyleBowling Style
Duncan Fletcher (c)9/27/194834Left-handRight arm fast-medium
Robin Brown3/11/195132Right-handRight-arm medium
Iain Butchart5/9/196023Right-handRight-arm medium
Kevin Curran9/7/195923Right-handedRight-arm fast medium
Jack Heron11/8/194834Right-handRight-arm medium
Graeme Hick5/23/196617Right handRight arm off break
Vince Hogg7/3/195230Right-handRight-arm medium-fast
David Houghton (wk)6/23/195726Right-handRight-arm off break
Grant Paterson6/9/196023Right-handRight-arm off-spin
Gerald Peckover6/2/195528Right-handed
Andrew Pycroft6/6/195627Right-handRight-arm offbreak
Peter Rawson5/25/195726Right-handRight-arm medium-fast
Ali Shah8/7/195923Left-handRight arm medium
John Traicos5/17/194736Right-handRight arm off-spin

The 1983 Cricket World Cup was the 3rd edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup tournament. It was scheduled from 9 to 25 June 1983 in England and Wales. Eight countries participated in this event. The 1983 World Cup was full of ups and downs throughout the tournament.

Against all the odds facing the Mighty West Indies in the finals, Kapil Dev's team India won their first world cup. The 1983 World Cup teams were divided into two groups for league stages where each country faced each other twice.

The top two teams in each group qualified for the 1983 World Cup semi-finals. The matches consisted of 60 overs per innings and were played in traditional white clothing and with red balls. They were all scheduled to be played at day.


Q. How many teams were in 1983 World Cup?

A. 8 teams participated in the 1983 cricket World Cup.

Q. Which teams reached the 1983 World Cup semi finals?

A. England, West Indies, India and Pakistan qualified for the semi finals of the 1983 world cup.

Q. Which teams played the 1983 World Cup final?

A. West Indies and Indian Cricket Team were the teams that qualified for the 1983 World Cup finals where India defeated West Indies to win their maiden World Cup.