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5 reasons why the IPL is losing its global sheen

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8.09K   //    03 Jun 2016, 15:13 IST
Sunrisers win
The Sunrisers won their first IPL title this year

Years gone by often had me drearily ogling at emptiness as the IPL tournament for that year came to a conclusion. The evenings became vacuous and the nights became darker. Of course, a two-month long absorbing cricket tournament will give you feelings of a phantom limb at its consummation.

In contrast, I managed to forgo the entire IPL tournament this year. There was no more the compulsion that made me subconsciously switch on the TV at 4 pm, nor was the urge to scratch the screen of my phone to follow the match when not at home there.

My lack of libido for IPL is not sudden. Instead, it has been a constant decline in interest that culminated in this year’s IPL, which not surprisingly also spelt the end of the broadcast of the IPL locally in Sri Lanka.

Although Virat Kohli’s silk laced licentious batting and AB de Villiers’ bohemian stroke making clubbed with The Fizz’s bazookas managed to lit up the IPL 2016 during the tail end of the tourney, the insipid beginning of the tournament and the tedious mid-part cannot be easily ignored, especially given the fact that the Big Bash League had an unprecedented success in the same year.

1) The team-nucleus that’s inconsistent

CSK win
Chennai won the IPL twice before they were suspended

The chief reason for IPL’s flaccidity is the constantly changing teams. Since the inception of the tournament, three teams have become defunct and two are serving a suspension. Of all teams, only Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kings XI Punjab and Delhi Daredevils have managed to survive all nine seasons, although Delhi Daredevils has already had a partial re-branding.

Chennai Super Kings was the only team that managed to sustain the nucleus of its team for a very long time, but they too have sunk into the chasm that has gobbled many a team, thus far.

Of all the teams that have managed to survive since inception, only Mumbai Indians, Kolkata Knight Riders, and Royal Challengers Bangalore have had continual captains. Kings XI Punjab saw two captains this season while Delhi’s captaincy has been switching hands regularly since the very beginning.

This constant imbibition and jettisoning of players and the teams’ administrations’ constant inability to pick a suitable leader, and the persistent change in leadership that invariably results in changes in team culture and style of play have been off-putting.

While the inter-state rivalry and regionalism help Indian fans emotionally invest themselves in a team, constantly varying teams have made the tournament’s global fans bereft of a team to support. What does IPL expect to do with a fan who vests his/her interests in a team like Kochi Tuskers Kerala only to have it terminated the following year?

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