Cricket Team

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The game of cricket is played between two teams with each team comprising of eleven players. The cricket team is generally selected by the management of the concerned cricket team before a cricket match is played.

When the two captains of the two teams playing in the cricket match meet during the toss, both exchange their cricket teams to let the other party know about their team.

England v South Africa - 4th Investec Test: Day Four


A cricket team consists of eleven cricketers. Such cricketers generally have three designated roles - batsman, bowler, all-rounder, and wicket-keeper. Additionally, a twelfth man is also named during the toss.

A twelfth man cannot bat, bowl, keep wickets or captain the side during a cricket match. The twelfth man comes onto the field as a substitute fielder when his team bowls. A twelfth man along with a couple of other non-playing cricketers carry drinks onto the field during drinks breaks.

In 2005, the International Cricket Council introduced the rule of a super sub which lasted only for a year. According to the rule, a player was required to be named as a super sub during the toss. The super sub can be subbed in at any point of the cricket match and the change was a permanent one.

Perfect Composition

The perfect composition of a cricket team differs from format to format. In Test cricket, specialists in every field are of prime value. Hence, a team generally consists of five batsmen, one all-rounder, one wicket-keeper and four bowlers.

In limited overs cricket like ODIs and T20Is, cricketers having multiple attributes are of utmost importance. Hence, all-rounders are very valuable in these formats. The perfect composition of a limited overs cricket team contains four batsmen, three all-rounders, one wicket-keeper and three bowlers.

What is a Batsman?

A batsman is a cricket player whose main responsibility in the side is to score runs. A batsman scores runs by hitting the cricket ball with his bat and then running between the wickets.

A batsman who opens the innings for his team is called an opener. The batsman who bats in positions 3-5 is generally called the middle order batsmen. The batsmen who bat during the latter stages of an innings are called the finishers.

What is a Bowler?

The bowler is the cricket player who bowls at the batsmen with the cricket ball. The bowler is the person who sets all the events during a cricket match in action.

Bowlers are generally of two types. The bowlers who run in during their delivery are called fast bowlers. The bowlers who impart rotation or spin the ball to get the batsmen out are called spinners.

What is an All-rounder?

An all-rounder is a cricket player who can bat as well as bowl and are specialists in both. These players are very valuable since they can perform the role of two cricketers simultaneously.

What is a Wicket-keeper?

The cricketer who stands behind the wickets when the bowler bowls is called a wicket-keeper. In the modern era, wicket-keepers are required to be good batsmen as well.