Indian pacers have to deal with unfair criticism: Mohit Sharma

Mohit Sharma appeals for an LBW decision during the India v UAE clash last week

Mohit Sharma, the 26-year old Indian pacer has performed brilliantly so far in the World Cup, and yet has been criticized from some quarters for being ‘slow’. He describes the criticism as unfair and something that every Indian pacer has to deal with.

"If a bowler from any side other than India bowls at 135kmph or more, we say that the bowler is fast. But even if Indian bowlers notch 140kmph, we are not given credit. The 140kmph deliveries that we bowl are completely ignored and we are singled out for our slowest ball.” said Mohit Sharma.

“I feel till the time you are effective, you have no reasons to worry. But I know for a fact that the moment I get ineffective while bowling at the 130s, people will again get back to saying I am slow and Indian bowlers lack pace," added the pacer.

Bichel advised on bowling in Australia: Sharma

Mohit has been working hard to gain pace and has worked on his action. A shorter run up and a more stable action has helped him bowl faster.Though M S Dhoni and Duncan Fletcher were the ones to pitch the idea of a modified action to Mohit, the bowler also credits Andy Bichel, his Chennai Super Kings coach for helping him to focus on bowling rhythm.

"Before leaving for Australia, he even advised me on how to bowl in Australian conditions. He even told me the different variations I could use and when I should use them. Every bowler has the yorker, bouncer, slower ball and length ball but it is important to know when to bowl those.”

Variations are important for me: Sharma

Mohit Sharma admits to the fact that even though he admires Dale Steyn as his role model, he’ll never be able to be as fast or as strong. He can be regarded as a bowler who tries to outfox a batsman with the numerous variations he possesses in his kitty, rather than one who intimidates.

“I don’t bowl at 150kmph, a speed that would scare the batsman. So variations become important for me.

“Also, with the new rule of having just four fielders outside the circle, the game has become a lot more challenging for the bowlers. You need to develop skills accordingly and try your best to outthink a batsman by making him play according to your plans," says Mohit.

Mohit Sharma has thus far performed brilliantly in the ongoing World Cup taking 5 wickets in three games at an average of 16.40 and an economy of 3.90.

On the team’s plans to tackle West Indies opener Chris Gayle, Mohit said, "We know Gayle will try his best to get the better of us, but we also know that he will take a bit of time before he begins his attack. When he is defensive, that is the time we need to attack."

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