Most Centuries in PAK vs ENG Test History

Last Modified Dec 07, 2022 16:33 IST

With the recent England’s Tour of Pakistan underway, let us take a look at the batters who have scored the most centuries in England vs Pakistan Test matches.

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Sr. No.NameCountryAgainstCenturiesMatchesRunsHighest ScoreAverageStrike Rate
1Mohammad YousufPakistanEngland6141,49922362.4652.34
2Alastair Cook EnglandPakistan5201,71926349.1149.04
4Younis Khan PakistanEngland4171,42621846.0053.17
5Saleem MalikPakistanEngland4191,39616560.7046.55
6Ian BellEnglandPakistan41389711942.7145.35
7Ken BarringtonEnglandPakistan4971514879.44
8Peter ParfittEnglandPakistan4746011992.00
9Mushtaq MohammadPakistanEngland3231,55415742.00
10Azhar AliPakistanEngland3181,07615734.7138.69
11Hanif Mohammad PakistanEngland3181,039187*33.52
12Tom GraveneyEnglandPakistan31394315358.94
13Mudassar NazarPakistanEngland31885812434.32
14Asif Iqbal PakistanEngland31582214639.14
15Dennis AmissEnglandPakistan31077918355.64
16Javed BurkiPakistanEngland31167414030.64
17Colin CowdreyEnglandPakistan31063318245.21

Topping the list is the former star Pakistani batter and captain, Mohammad Yousuf. Having played 14 Test matches against the English team, the right-handed batter has scored a whopping 6 centuries. Furthermore, he has scored the third-most Test runs against the English team as a Pakistani batter with 1,499 runs. Coming second on the list is the former English captain and left-handed opener, Alaistair Cook.

Hailed for being the highest run scorer in Test cricket as an English batter, Cook has, to no one’s surprise, scored the most Test centuries against Pakistan as an Englishman with 5 of them. Former Pakistani batter, Inzamam-ul-Haq, has also jointly scored 5 centuries alongside Cook. The gifted right-handed batter has played 19 matches against England and scored 1,584 runs with an average of 54.62.

A total of five players have jointly scored 4 centuries in England vs Pakistan Test encounters. The player ranking higher due to him scoring more runs is the former Pakistani batter, Younis Khan. He has scored 1,426 runs, including 4 centuries, against the English team in 17 matches. Next on the list is another former Pakistani batter, Saleem Malik.

Playing for the Pakistani team in the late 20th century, Malik had amassed 1,396 runs in 19 matches against the English team, including 4 centuries. All of the following three batters hail from England, albeit the different eras they belong to. Ian Bell, Ken Barrington and Peter Parfitt have all scored four Test centuries against the Pakistani team.

There are nine batters, six Pakistanis and three English, in total with three centuries under their belt in England vs Pakistan Test matches. Among them, there are three batters who have scored over 1,000 runs - Mushtaq Mohammad,1,554 runs, Azhar Ali, 1,076 runs, and Hanif Mohammad, 1,039 runs. They have all accomplished the feat against the English team as Pakistani batters.

The English batters - Tom Graveneny, Dennis Amiss and Colin Cowdrey have all scored three Test centuries against the Pakistani team in 13, 10 and 10 matches, respectively. The remaining three batters, are Mudassar Nazar, Asif Iqbal and Javed Burki, who have jointly scored three centuries.