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IPL 2014: Rahul Dravid heartbroken after Rajasthan Royals fail to qualify

News 26 May 2014, 09:54 IST
Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid

Rajasthan Royals mentor and Indian legend Rahul Dravid has said that he is bitterly disappointed that RR did not qualify for the IPL play-offs. The franchise from Rajasthan would have qualified even if they lost the match by a smaller margin, but it was not to be. As it was, Mumbai Indians chased down a target of 190 in the 15th over.

Speaking after the game, Dravid said: “In terms of emotion, we thought we won the game at one stage. Then we still had to bowl a ball and they hit the boundary so you can just imagine the emotions. There was sheer disappointment in their camp, joy in our camp and suddenly a ball later that's completely reversed. So for sheer emotion and drama, I think this was probably one of the best games of cricket I've been involved in. It's just disappointing that I happened to be on the wrong side of the result.”

He further added that he was waiting for that one good over which would have changed the game in Rajasthan’s favour, but that over never came.

“At that stage if you bowl a couple of seven, eight-run overs or 10-run overs for that matter, the game quickly goes out of hand, But they kept getting that 15, 16-run over. They just stayed in the game. It looked at the stage we got Rohit out, I think after that stage when Rayudu and Anderson batted, there was a period of about 12 to 15 balls where we suddenly gave 50 runs. That was the critical phase of the game where we thought we could've maybe bowled a couple of better overs there. The guys have tried their best and it's just not worked out for us in this tournament," he said.

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