Satire: 21 signs you may be addicted to T20 cricket

We have heard it some zillion times, T20 has changed the way the game is played. Well yes, if you don’t care about the bowlers and the length of boundaries, it certainly has changed the game. Here are 21 more such signs that prove you’ve moved to the dark side.

1) You know what a “maximum” is, but look confused when someone says “Did you see that six?”

2) You ask your friends what a tea break is.

3) You cheer dot balls during the opening session of the Boxing Day Test.

4) Sir Don who?

5) You think Imran Tahir is a decent bowler and have stats to prove it.

6) You believe “Solar Red” is a real colour.

7) You can interpret Danny Morrison’s commentary.

8) You follow all “sports entertainment” codes that only have 3 letters, like the IPL and WWE.

9) You didn’t see anything wrong when Aaron Finch was rated the #1 batsman in the world.

10) You can explain the difference between a normal King and a Super King.

11) When asked how much your house is worth, you answer “a Maxwell”.

12) You struggle to explain the difference between bowling and chucking.

13) Your career goal is to be an “enthusiast”.

14) You believe that Lalit Modi murdered Jesus.

15) Overs 5-15 are those boring middle ones.

16) You have a Jade Dernbach poster on your wall.

17) You know that KXIP is not some strange form of the Roman numeral.

18) You know what a Zouk is.

19) You have bought Chris Gayle a beer, in his own pub, during a CPL auction.

20) You have spotted Shane Warne in the street and instinctively thrown a bat at him.

21) You think Kevin Pietersen’s career is just beginning.

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Edited by Staff Editor
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