10 best Xbox Series X|S exclusive games so far

Some of the best Xbox Series X|S exclusives (Image via Remedy Entertainment, 343 Industries & Rare)
Some of the best Xbox Series X|S exclusives (Image via Remedy Entertainment, 343 Industries & Rare)

The Xbox Series X|S consoles are the current generation gaming devices from Xbox, which launched in November 2020. With the launch of these new consoles, Xbox has also taken a similar approach to PlayStation by focussing more on games exclusive to the console, with several upcoming titles announced, which are being kept specific to Xbox and Microsoft devices.

While upcoming games like Starfield and STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl are set to be some of the biggest Xbox Series X|S exclusives in the coming years, there are already more than a handful of exclusive titles available on the console.

Over the last decade, the number of exclusive titles for Xbox has only increased, and Xbox Series X|S owners can access many of these games on the next-gen console. Some of these games are fully priced, while others can be accessed via the Xbox Game Pass monthly subscription.

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10 Xbox Series X|S titles that players should check out

1) Microsoft Flight Simulator


Since Microsoft Flight Simulator has the name of the publisher on the title, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the game is an Xbox Series X|S exclusive. However, this simulator is one of the best in the business, with a world that is updated live from Bing maps.

And when I say world, I mean the entire earth, as Microsoft Flight Simulator allows players to fly many planes from any licensed air terminal. It balances out many simulation aspects with an AI copilot that can assist the player if needed by requesting landing clearance and going through the checklist.

Players can choose from a selection of planes to fly in and participate in various challenges if they want to test their skills. A Top Gun: Maverick-inspired update has also added a couple of challenges with fighter jets for those who feel the need for speed.

2) Sable


Sable is an open-world exploration game developed by Shedworks and published by Raw Fury. The game was released on September 23, 2021, for Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S platforms, which depicts a coming-of-age story of the eponymous protagonist.

This is an indie title that sees the protagonist set out on a journey to find a mask, which she has to return to her nomadic tribe. The game is illustrated in a lovely cel-shaded art style that is the norm for indie games, which sets them apart from AAA titles and helps establish a distinct artistic take.

Sable is essentially a platforming/puzzle-solving game and does not contain any combat. As players journey across the world, meeting characters and completing tasks, they will come across many elements that allude to the world’s history and culture. The game is non-linear and relies on the player's exploration to push the story forward.

3) Sea of Thieves


Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure game by developer Rare and was released on March 20, 2018. An enhanced Xbox Series X|S version came out on November 10, 2020, when the consoles first launched. It is essentially a pirate simulator, where players assume the role of a plunderer of the seas, set sail aboard a ship, and live out a life of freedom and treasure.

Sea of Thieves is a fully multiplayer game, allowing up to four players in a crew to play the game together. The game contains many quests that players can undertake, either solo or in a group, and head out in search of treasure, glory, or an epic naval battle.

Enemies in the game range from ghosts to sea monsters, skeletons, and other players. The feeling of trepidation when you see another player-controlled vessel in the distance and wonder if they will be friends or foes is quite fun, especially when it turns out to be the former.

4) Forza Horizon 5


One of the best racing game series is Forza, an Xbox-owned property. All Forza games are exclusive to Microsoft devices, including the most recent entry into the Forza Horizon series. The game debuted around the same time as the Xbox Series X|S consoles back in November and has been quite a success.

Forza Horizon 5 takes the Horizon Festival to a fictional rendition of Mexico, where players can enjoy a lush and gorgeous environment as they drive around in expensive supercars. This fifth installment in the Forza Horizon series contains the most varied open world yet, with several different biomes and diverse locations.

As in most Forza Horizon games, players are not required to follow any particular story and can check out events and opportunities per their preference. Aside from races, the game also offers a couple of fun side activities that can serve as a break from all the high-speed acceleration.

5) Halo: The Master Chief Collection


Halo has been an Xbox-exclusive game since 2004, when it stopped releasing the macOS versions. Since then, the series has primarily seen Xbox and Microsoft Windows releases, with a few of the original games remastered. The best way to play these older Halo titles is via The Master Chief Collection, which is available on the Xbox Series X|S.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection contains the six main Halo games, from Halo: Combat Evolved to Halo 4, including Halo: Reach and Halo 3: ODST. The collection contains the Halo: CE and Halo 2 anniversary editions, which are the remastered versions with better graphics and newly recreated cutscenes.

Together, these games depict the story of Master Chief and Cortana, starting with Halo: Reach up to the events of Halo 4. Since Halo 5 does not have a PC version, it will reportedly not be included in The Master Chief Collection, although it is available for Xbox Series X|S owners.

6) Tunic


Another excellent indie title available on the Xbox Series X|S is Tunic. Developed by Andrew Shouldice and published by Finji, this souls-like game was released in March 2022. The game is played from an isometric perspective, where players control an anthropomorphic fox and battle various enemies.

Tunic borrows heavily from the Soulsborne games, with combat being a similarly simple concept yet requiring a small learning curve to master. Shrines act as rest areas, while a stamina bar governs many actions like blocking and dodging, which players must constantly manage when in combat.

Tunic’s appeal comes from its 3D art design, which makes it aesthetically pleasing to play despite being a soulslike game. The game also employs a new and foreign language that is never translated but can be understood via context clues and by picking up manuals scattered about the open world.

7) Sunset Overdrive


Insomniac Games might be solely making PlayStation exclusives these days, but this wasn’t always the case. The developer has an Xbox exclusive, Sunset Overdrive, under its belt. This action-adventure shooter was released in October 2014 and is available on the Xbox Series X|S.

The game is a great precursor to Marvel’s Spider-Man, as it is an open-world title with a great world traversal mechanic involving parkour. Set in the sprawling metropolis of Sunset City, the story sees a large part of the population transformed into a crazed mutant, from which the player character is trying to escape.

The game emphasizes fast-paced action, with players able to perform various impressive acrobatic feats while also wielding firearms to kill enemies. The game also features an eight-player co-operative multiplayer, meaning one can team up with fellow Xbox Series X|S owners to participate in the Chaos Squad mode.

8) Quantum Break


Remedy Entertainment isn’t generally in the business of making console-exclusive games, but Quantum Break seems to be the exception. The game is a third-person action-adventure title released on April 5, 2016, for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. It is also available on the Xbox Series X|S consoles.

The game centers around time travel with a phenomenal story and cast, of which some are Hollywood celebrities like Aiden Gillen and Shawn Ashmore. The story involves protagonist Jack Joyce being caught up in a time machine malfunction, which gives him the power to manipulate time, an ability players can use during gameplay.

While the primary gameplay is in the form of a shooter, the time powers allow for a fun change-up to the established dynamic. Much like in Control, here, players can feel quite invincible as they implement various abilities like “Time Stop,” “Time Rush,” “Time Blast,” and “Time Shield.”

9) Fable 3


Fable 3 was the last mainline title in the series of video games by developer Lionhead Studios and was released in October 2010. Set in the fictional land of Albion, the game was an action RPG where players governed the Kingdom as its ruler and fought against threats that sought to destroy it.

The game is available on the Xbox Series X|S, where players can return to Albion one last time to live out their hero or villain fantasy. Fable offers a great deal of freedom to the players to role-play their characters, with many major and minor choices that affect their standing with their subjects.

The magical world also offers many options for combat, with the game being played in the third person. Melee weapons, ranged weapons, and magic can be wielded simultaneously with a different attack. Players can also adopt a pet dog to accompany them on their adventures.

10) Halo: Infinite


After completing Halo: Master Chief Collection and Halo 5, Xbox Series X|S players can also get a hold of Halo: Infinite, the most recent game in the series. Infinite was a planned Xbox Series X|S launch game, but its full release was delayed till December 2021.

Despite the delayed release, Halo: Infinite won over many fans after the lackluster performance of the previous two titles in the series. The game is set in a new Halo ring, which also serves as an open world that players can explore at their leisure, using a warthog and bringing along some AI marines from a base.

The game did not have a co-op mode for the primary campaign on launch, with the feature recently being added as a beta. The game has significantly upgraded the gameplay, including a grapnel shot, while successfully returning the series to its roots.

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