5 strongest Pokemon of every type

Image via Pokemon Wiki
Image via Pokemon Wiki

There are currently 18 different types of Pokemon. Various creatures have multiple types as well.

Not all were introduced when Pokemon first made its way into the mainstream. Steel and Dark were added in Generation II to balance Psychic and Normal-types.


Fairy-types were added in Generation VI to balance Dragon-types and give some offensive advantages to Steel and Poison. All 18 types have their strengths and weaknesses. But all of these Pokemon are insanely powerful creatures in those categories.

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5 strongest Pokemon of every type


Image via Tom Salazar
Image via Tom Salazar

Blissey - Blissey is an absolute tank, stalling out and withstand just about any attack.

Exploud - Exploud has an incredibly unique Moveset. It is also a rare Pokemon with equal and special attack, making it a force to reckon with.

Silvally - Silvally is an odd Legendary Pokemon. It is a beneficial creature with all of its stats being similar.

Snorlax - Snorlax is Snorlax. That is really all that needs to be said about this massive creature.

Arceus - Arceus is the literal God of all Pokemon. Of course, it is one of the most powerful Normal-types.


Image via Tom Salazar
Image via Tom Salazar

Conkeldurr - Conkeldurr became a surprisingly competitive Pokemon and had access to some insanely powerful moves.

Blaziken - Blaziken started the Fire/Fighting-type starter Pokemon trend and became an overpowered monster.

Infernape - Infernape, in the games and anime, is a solid fighter with great speed and tenacity.

Machamp - Machamp is one of the original Fighting-type Pokemon and can duke it out with the best of them.

Lucario - Lucario was introduced and immediately became popular. It is not only powerful, but just incredibly cool.


Image via Tom Salazar
Image via Tom Salazar

Zapdos - Zapdos is the best of the Legendary Bird Pokemon from Kanto. Its speed and special attack are nearly unmatched.

Gyarados - Gyarados will always be mighty.

Charizard - Charizard is one of the most powerful and popular Pokemon of all time. It just happens to have a secondary Flying-type.

Dragonite - Dragonite was the first pseudo-legendary and maintained its status as one of the best Pokemon around.

Rayquaza - Rayquaza is one of the more powerful Legendary Pokemon. It is tough to take down in battle.


Image via Tom Salazar
Image via Tom Salazar

Gengar - Gengar and its Ghost/Poison-type has been unstoppable since the very beginning of Pokemon.

Venusaur - Venusaur, being the final evolution of Bulbasaur, still has a place in competitive battling today.

Toxtricity - Introduced in Sword and Shield, the coolness and power of Toxtricity was immediately noticed.

Nidoking - Nidoking as a monster in appearance and capability on the battlefield.

Eternatus - Eternatus is the only Legendary Pokemon with a Poison-type. That is attached to a Dragon-type. That's a scary combination.


Image via Tom Salazar
Image via Tom Salazar

Swampert - Swampert, despite its glaring weakness to Grass-types, is an incredible Pokemon to battle with.

Excadrill - Excadrill has become a fan-favorite one-hitter in the recent competitive meta.

Rhyperior - Rhyperior gave fans something to like about Rhydon and Rhyhorn. It can do some serious damage in battle.

Garchomp - Garchomp is considered one of, if not the best competitive Pokemon of all time.

Groudon - Groudon literally controls and creates land as a Legendary Pokemon.


Image via Tom Salazar
Image via Tom Salazar

Gigalith - As a pure Rock-type Pokemon, it has no 4x weaknesses. It is sturdy and can learn some great moves.

Rhyperior - Rhyperior makes another list as a Rock/Ground-type. That proves how strong it is.

Aggron - Aggron takes a vulnerable Rock/Steel combination and makes it incredibly strong.

Colossal - Colossal has become a very reliable battler for some competitive trainers.

Tyranitar - Tyranitar will always be one of the scariest and most powerful Pokemon.


Image via Tom Salazar
Image via Tom Salazar

Scyther - Since Generation I, Scyther has been a devastating attacker that makes all other Bug Pokemon look weak in comparison.

Scizor - For those who thought Scyther couldn't get more powerful, Scizor proves them wrong. Evolution makes Scizor unstoppable.

Volcarona - Volcarona is thought to be a Legendary that was never given the status. This is a rare and powerful Pokemon.

Genesect - Genesect is a strange Bug/Steel Legendary Pokemon that has several powerful forms.

Durant - Durant may be small and fragile in terms of taking hits. The hits it can deliver are powerful.


Image via Tom Salazar
Image via Tom Salazar

Chandelure - Introduced in Gen V, Chandelure has a massive attack stat and has resistance to five types.

Alolan Marowak - The Alolan form of Marowak become a Ghost/Fire-type and immediately became a threat as a battler, especially in Pokemon GO.

Dragapult - Dragapult entered in Sword and Shield and has been a speedy nuisance to opposing trainers ever since.

Giratina - Giratina is the only Ghost-type Legendary outside of altered forms. Being a Ghost/Dragon-type makes it pure strength.

Gengar - Gengar is one of the most popular and powerful Pokemon ever. As a Ghost-type, it is the first many Pokemon fans think of.


Image via Tom Salazar
Image via Tom Salazar

Aegislash - Aegislash is a surprisingly strong Pokemon with its different attack and defensive stances.

Lucario - Lucario takes another spot, and it is well deserved due to its power.

Ferrothorn - Ferrothorn is one of the best defensive Pokemon and can chip away out enemies for a long while.

Steelix - Steelix is the original Steel-type Pokemon and gets even stronger with its Mega Evolution.

Metagross - Metagross is the ultimate Steel-type as a pseudo-legendary classified Pokemon.


Image via Tom Salazar
Image via Tom Salazar

Arcanine - As an original Pokemon, Arcanine has maintained its spot as one of the best.

Blaziken - See above for why Blaziken is so strong and powerful in the Fighting-type section.

Heatran - Heatran has been incredible ever since it was introduced.

Ho-Oh - This is another phenomenal Pokemon. As a Fire-type Legendary, it is expected to be strong.

Charizard - Charizard would be at the top of any list, no matter what type it has.


Image via Tom Salazar
Image via Tom Salazar

Dracovish - Dracovish is a hideous Pokemon, but it has insane power.

Blastoise - Blastoise has been one of the most powerful Water-types since day one.

Lapras - Lapras used to be extremely rare and was granted an incredible moveset to show off its power.

Gyarados - Gyarados is the go-to Pokemon for many trainers when it comes to building a battle team.

Greninja - Greninja is incredibly strong, as seen in the anime with Ash and as fans voted it in as Pokemon of the Year for 2020.


Image via Tom Salazar
Image via Tom Salazar

Rillaboom - Rillaboom has quickly become one of the hardest hitting Grass-type Pokemon.

Appletun - Appletun, with a Grass/Dragon-typing, can withstand and dish out some serious damage.

Abomasnow - Abomasnow is a terrifying Pokemon that is even scarier with its Mega Evolution.

Venusaur - Much like the other Generation I starters, Venusaur has remained in the top tier of its typing.

Sceptile - Sceptile is fast, powerful, and oozes coolness. The anime proved how powerful it could be.


Image via Tom Salazar
Image via Tom Salazar

Pikachu - Pikachu may be small, but everyone has seen what kind of power it can dish out when needed.

Rotom - Rotom can take many forms with different type combinations. Many of those are incredible competitive battlers.

Zapdos - Just like its position in the Flying-type category, Zapdos is a very powerful Electric-type.

Zekrom - As an Electric/Dragon-type, Zekrom is a terrifyingly strong Legendary Pokemon.

Jolteon - Jolteon is super popular, super cool, and super powerful. In the main games, the anime and Pokemon GO, Jolteon is a force to be reckoned with.


Image via Tom Salazar
Image via Tom Salazar

Alakazam - Alakazam put Psychic-type Pokemon on the map.

Lugia - Lugia is an incredibly powerful Psychic-type Legendary.

Deoxys - The DNA Pokemon has a variety of forms and a huge move pool.

Metagross - Metagross is plain strong. This is one of the best pseudo-Legendaries.

Mewtwo - Mewtwo may be the strongest Pokemon of all time, not just in terms of Psychic-types.


Image via Tom Salazar
Image via Tom Salazar

Lapras - Again, Lapras is one of the most unique and powerful Pokemon from the First Generation.

Regice - Regice is one of the Legendary titans with a massive special defensive stat. It has one of the strongest Legendary movesets, as well.

Articuno - Articuno is a Legendary Pokemon that exudes beauty and strength.

Abomasnow - Abomasnow is a terrifying Ice/Grass-type that can battle with the best of them.

Kyurem - Kyurem is a Dragon/Ice-type Legendary that takes away many weaknesses due to the typing combination.


Image via Tom Salazar
Image via Tom Salazar

Dracovish - Dracovish and its Fishious Rend signature move are incredibly strong.

Dragapult - As a Ghost/Dragon-type, Dragapult is a speedy and powerful attacker.

Dragonite - Dragonite will forever be one of the most iconic Pokemon.

Garchomp - Garchomp is an intense battler that has massive strength.

Mega Charizard X - The X version of Charizard's Mega Evolution gives it the Dragon-typing that many fans believe it should have had from the start.


Image via Tom Salazar
Image via Tom Salazar

Incineroar - Incinerator has been a powerful and divisive Pokemon for quite some time.

Greninja - Once again, Greninja exudes strength.

Tyranitar - The same goes for Tyranitar. It is just so powerful.

Umbreon - Umbreon is a surprisingly tanky Pokemon, with massive defensive stats and solid attack stats to go along with it.

Darkrai - Darkrai is a Mythical Pokemon with insane speed and special attack stats.


Image via Tom Salazar
Image via Tom Salazar

Mimikyu - Mimikyu is a shifty Fairy/Ghost-type Pokemon that can deal great damage and take hits with its Disguise Ability.

Clefable - Clefable is actually a powerful defensive Pokemon with a solid moveset.

Togekiss - Togekiss was the staple of many competitive battling teams for a long time.

Sylveon - Sylveon is the latest Eeveelution to be introduced and can heal itself and its teammates to no end.

Xerneas - Xerneas has an Ability known as Fairy Aura, making its Fairy-type moves dangerous to even those resistant to it.

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