Former TSM Coach Raven responds to Verhulst’s statement about “falling off”

TSM with Champion Trophy in ALGS (Image via EA and Joe Brady)
TSM with Champion Trophy in ALGS (Image via EA and Joe Brady)

TSM Verhulst recently addressed the departure of TSM Coach Raven alongside a few other issues related to the team’s performance in recent ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series) matches. The player spoke about the internal challenges that they had to overcome and briefly stated that their coach had fallen off, resulting in the overall downward spiral of the team.

Raven responded to these claims on a live stream and expanded on the team issues after Verhulst’s statements went public.

This article will highlight Raven’s response to Verhulst saying that the TSM coach fell off.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author.

Verhulst calls out TSM Coach Raven for becoming complacent

TSM Verhulst in ALGS (Image via EA and Joe Brady)
TSM Verhulst in ALGS (Image via EA and Joe Brady)

The departure of ImperialHal from TSM left a void in the roster, which was filled by Nelson "Zap" Bangs. Verhulst opened up about the team’s performance in the ongoing Pro League in a podcast with Snip3down, Falloutt, and WeThePeople1. He compared their new coach, Payton "Talmadge" Koski, to Elias "Raven" Ghribi and said that both are excellent guides; however, Raven lost his passion towards the end and got a little complacent.

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Verhulst further describes Talmadge as a positive force, similar to Raven at the start, but carries a lot of motivation to boost the team morale at all times. This resulted in former TSM Coach Raven responding to these claims and speaking extensively about the challenges he had to face.

Starting with a lack of communication from the players themselves, Raven had to reportedly push the members to play the game and practice as much as possible. The coach went on to compare the TSM with DarkZero, questioning if the DZ roster ever took a day off the game. This hinted at the complacent nature of the players as well.

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Former TSM Coach Raven in ALGS (Image via EA and Joe Brady)
Former TSM Coach Raven in ALGS (Image via EA and Joe Brady)

Raven agreed that this was never a problem with ImperialHal as he never lost motivation and kept grinding Apex Legends every day. He asked his viewers to check the streaming data of others on the team and compare it with Hal for consistency. However, he spoke about becoming distant from the roster since they did not communicate their thoughts.

Verhulst did not blame TSM Coach Raven and admitted that they had fallen off, as a team, after creating a Winner’s legacy in ALGS Year 3. ImperialHal leaving TSM also had an impact as he had led the roster through many hardships and to unbelievable victories.

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Former TSM Coach Raven stated that it is crucial for all the players to critically analyze their gameplay even after winning. This is a positive step that can improve individual contribution instead of relying on favorable winning scenarios.

That concludes ex-TSM Coach Raven’s response to Verhulst’s statement about falling off. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more updates, guides, and news.

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