How to play Catalyst in Apex Legends

How to play Catalyst in Apex Legends
Catalyst in Apex Legends (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

Catalyst in Apex Legends is a Controller Legend. Released in Season 15, she has proven her mettle in the game in a very short period. Since her introduction, she has been patched with multiple nerfs due to her overpowered kit. Perfect for holding down any area, this unit excels at locking down places and preventing enemies from stepping into her territory.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to using Catalyst in Apex Legends Season 20.

What are Catalyst's abilities in Apex Legends?

Nicknamed the Defensive Conjurer, Catalyst in Apex Legends has some of the best fortification abilities in the game. You can read about them below:

Barricade (Passive)

Barricade is Catalyst's Passive ability. The Legend uses ferrofluid projections to reinforce all doors. When she locks the doors up, they can only be broken when kicked down.

In doorways where doors have been blown off, Catalyst can use Barricade to conjure a set of new locked doors.

Piercing Spikes (Tactical)

Using Piercing Spikes, you can throw out a lump of ferrofluid that extends into an 11x2 meter patch. When enemies step near this ferrofluid patch, spikes become active. These spikes deal damage to and slow down all enemy players.

Dark Veil (Ultimate)

Using Dark Veil, you can throw out a massive curtain of ferrofluid. The curtain is permeable, and any enemies that walk through it are slowed and temporarily blinded for seven seconds.

How to use Catalyst in Apex Legends

If you are more of a defensive player who likes to hold down the fort and play hard zone, you should opt for Catalyst in Apex Legends. This Legend excels at fortifying any space, providing her team with a massive safety net.

Below are some tips for using her abilities in the game.


Barricade is one of the strongest Passive abilities in Apex Legends. Irrespective of how chaotic a situation might be, you should always barricade doors whenever you take control of a room.

The Ferrofluid projections that are used to barricade pre-existing doors need four melee hits to break down. If the doorways are already demolished, Catalyst uses her Ferrofluid projections to conjure a new doorway to replace them. These take two melee hits to destroy. This buys players enough time to heal up and reset in the midst of a team fight.

Piercing Spikes

Piercing Spikes are area denial tools, similar to Wattson's Perimeter Security in Apex Legends. You can use them defensively to fortify the area you've taken under your wing. Use it under barricaded doors to provide an extra layer of protection. These deal damage to enemies and absorb up to 300 damage.

If you want to go on the offensive, throw these spikes at the entry and exit points of buildings. This will trap enemies inside a given space. You can also use them in open ground to prevent hyper-aggressive pushes.

This is a situational ability, and you will get the hang of it the more you play the game.

Dark Veil

Dark Veil is one of the strongest abilities of Catalyst in Apex Legends. It acts as a great means to block enemy vision and can be used as a rotational tool.

Furthermore, if you want to go on the offensive, use Dark Veil to block off the direction you are pushing from or, as a distraction, ambush opponents from behind the cover.

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