How to unlock Scar in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Nature and Nurture guide

The new update adds Scar to Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Gameloft & Disney)
The latest update adds Scar to Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Gameloft and Disney)

Disney Dreamlight Valley recently saw its first major new update, bringing into the game a small expansion that includes an iconic character from The Lion King universe. Scar, the villainous lion, is now available in the game, with whom you can eventually become friends and do favors for and progress his questline.

Like other characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll first need to find Scar in the Sunlit Plateau and do an introductory quest for him. Following this, Scar will become an active resident of the village, roaming the area and being available to chat with, gift items to, and hang out with.

This guide to Disney Dreamlight Valley will provide a step-by-step guide for his introductory quest and how you can unlock Scar as a resident in the village. If you’re looking for the fastest way to unlock the new character or simply looking for a way to get through this quest, read on to learn more.

How to meet Scar in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you’re playing Disney Dreamlight Valley after the new update on October 19, you’ll be greeted with a new animation of Scar as you boot up the game. In this footage, you may be able to piece together the fact that Scar is currently in the Sunlit Plateau. So, if you haven’t yet unlocked this biome yet, that’s your first task.

The other thing you’ll need to do is finish The Curse quest, a walkthrough for which you can find here. Once these conditions are met, head over to the Sunlit Plateau and look for the large elephant skull (a cutscene should have shown you a new cave opening up between its tusks) and head inside the cave to meet Scar.

Scar in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via YouTube/MirrajGaming)
Scar in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via YouTube/MirrajGaming)

You’ll find the evil lion inside, and talking to him will reveal a few vital lore details. Scar eventually tells you that the pillar for the Sunlit Plateau dried up because the river had stopped flowing. He’ll direct you to the Vitalys Mines to restore the river and help the valley. Given below is a detailed walkthrough for this quest.

Nature and Nurture quest walkthrough

Step 1: The first step in the Nature and Nurture quest is to head to the Vitalys Mines. If you have been playing Disney Dreamlight Valley before the update, you might realize that there was no such mine in the game before. However, a new path will have opened up at the mouth of the river that leads into the mines.

Step 2: Once inside, you’ll have to explore until you find a path leading up to a brick wall where some Night Thorns block the river. Reading the sign next to this will give you a few clues on how to get rid of the Night Thorns, but first, you’ll need to speak to Merlin about it.

The blocked off river (Image via YouTube/MirrajGaming)
The blocked off river (Image via YouTube/MirrajGaming)

Step 3: Talk to Merlin and he will confirm that the signs' clues are a feasible way to get rid of Night Thorns. You’ll need to craft yourself some Extra Fizzy Root Beer and collect the Crackling Candy beside the cooking station in the mines.

(Tips: For Root Beer, you’ll need Ginger, Vanilla, and Sugarcane. You can find Ginger in the Forgotten Lands biome and Vanilla in the Sunlit Plateau biome of Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can buy Sugarcane seeds from Goofy’s stall in Dazzle Beach, following which you can grow some yourself.)

Step 4: After you have the ingredients, cook up the Extra Fizzy Root Beer at a cooking station and head back into the mines. Go up to where you found the sign and place the beer and candies in the red barrel next to it.

A cutscene will be played as the beer overflows and sprays all over the Night Thorns, removing them. The river will start to flow once more, and you’ll be prompted to go outside and see if the river is flowing out into the plateau.

Step 5: Head outside the mines. Once you’re out, a cutscene will play, where you’ll see The Forgotten (the purple shade that looks just like you) give you a wry smile and escape into a portal. You’ll need to follow them through this dark portal.

Step 6: On the other side of the portal, you’ll be greeted with a mysterious and dark world. The Forgotten will run off into a grim-looking version of the Dreamlight Castle, but will drop something along the way.

The orb of nurturing (Image via YouTube/MirrajGaming)
The orb of nurturing (Image via YouTube/MirrajGaming)

Step 7: Make your way to the dropped item and pick it up. The way forward will be blocked by some giant Night Thorns (if only you had some more Root Beer), so you’ll need to head back to the Valley through the same portal you took.

Step 8: As with anything magical-related in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need to show Merlin the item you got from The Forgotten. Find the wizard and talk to him. He will reveal even more lore about the game and assign you your next task: to mine the crystals from the Vitalys Mines and collect some rich soil. This will help restore the Orb of Nurturing that you picked up from The Forgotten.

Step 9: Mine the 10 crystals that you will need from the Vitalys Mines, and next on the list is Rich Soil, a new (and rare) resource added to Disney Dreamlight Valley. This soil drops when you’re harvesting planted crops and has a low drop rate.

(Tips: It doesn’t matter what crop you’re harvesting, so my advice is to buy wheat seeds, which are the cheapest. Dig around 200 holes, plant the seeds, water them, and start harvesting with a gardening buddy to improve your chances of getting Rich Soil.)

Step 10: You’ll also need 1000 Dreamlight, so ensure that you have enough. With all the materials collected, you can now craft the Miracle Growth Elixir at a crafting station. Use this Elixir to upgrade your watering can.

Crafting the Miracle Growth Elixir in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via YouTube/MirrajGaming)
Crafting the Miracle Growth Elixir in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via YouTube/MirrajGaming)

Step 11: Talk to Merlin to receive the Orb of Nurturing, and he’ll tell you what the final steps of the quest are.

Step 12: Head back to the Sunlit Plateau and plant the Orb of Nurturing in front of the area’s pillar. The game will say that you’ll need to nurture the Orb for several days until it is healed, so water it occasionally whenever it looks dry.

Step 13: When the Orb is ready and restored, interact with the pillar to put it back in and restore the Plateau and its river. Talk to Scar one last time, and the quest will end while also releasing Scar from the cave to prowl the valley at his leisure,

That was how you can unlock Scar and complete Nature and Nurture in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Did you find this guide helpful? If so, you can leave us a like on the article or a comment down below. Let us know what other guides and features you'd like to see on the site.

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