Super Smash Bros. Patch 9.00: Patch notes and balance changes

(Image Credit: Slashgear)
(Image Credit: Slashgear)

Super Smash Bros. recently made waves when it announced Minecraft’s own Steve to the roster as a DLC character a while back. Now, Super Smash Bros. patch 9.00 has been released and we can get our own hands on Steve. However, his release came alongside a number of balance changes that have changed a number of characters.

Super Smash Bros. selected detailed patch notes

The detailed patch notes for some characters can be found below, while the whole roster’s changes can be found at Eventhubs.

Super Smash Bros. Patch 9.00


  • The following spirits will appear in the Shop on the Vault menu: Zombie, Creeper, Skeleton, Slime (Minecraft), Enderman, Villager & Iron Golem, Ghast, Piglin and Ender Dragon.
  • The controls during combat in online battle arenas while spectators are present have been adjusted.
  • Adjustments have been made to the way Global Smash Power is calculated.
  • An issue where the movement delay after a perfect shield was behaving incorrectly under certain rules has been fixed.

Bowser Jr.

  • Basic movement - Adjusted certain landing behaviors to no longer prevent passing through platforms.
  • Side tilt - Extended launch distance.
  • Up smash - Made it easier to hit multiple times.
  • Down smash - Increased attack speed.
  • Forward throw - Extended launch distance.
  • Edge attack - Increased the power of the attack used when grabbing edges after an up special.
  • Side special - Made it hard to flinch from opponent's attacks.
  • Up special - Increased attack speed.

Ice Climbers

  • Basic movements - Decreased the damage Nana takes, shortened launch distance for Nana and adjusted Nana's AI behavior.
  • Dash attack - Made it easier to hit multiple times and increased attack range.
  • Down smash - Extended launch distance.
  • Side special - Increased the speed of the edge-grab timing.
  • Up special - Made it so that Nana performing an up special automatically will not prevent the player from performing an up special and increased the distance that it is possible for Popo and Nana to Belay together.


  • Aura - Increased the max value the Aura will strengthen attack power.
  • Neutral attack 1 - Increased attack speed.
  • Side tilt - Made it easier to hit multiple times.
  • Down smash - Increased attack speed.
  • Up special - Reduced vulnerability when landing after using the move.
  • Side special - Extended launch distance for the Aura area.


  • Dash attack - Increased power of the third attack and extended launch distance.
  • Up tilt - Maintained the launch distance and increased power.
  • Down air - Increased attack speed.
  • Up throw - Increased power.
  • Neutral special - Increased attack speed.


  • Dash attack - Maintained the launch distance, increased power and reduced vulnerability.
  • Up tilt - Reduced vulnerability
  • Up smash - Increased attack speed, increased the amount of time invincibility lasts before and after becoming round and made it easier to hit multiple times.
  • Up air - Made it easier to hit multiple times.

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Super Smash Bros. Patch 9.00 Summary

Of course, these are a lot of changes to go through, and so a simple summary should be useful. For anyone looking to play this patch of Super Smash Bros., you should note that the Ice Climbers have been significantly buffed (mostly with the AI partner being improved and their recovery no longer being stifled if the AI decides to attempt one first)

Other Super Smash Bros. characters have been sped up, notably Sonic, Ness, Lucario, and Bowser Jr. each having some of their attacks made quicker, allowing them to poke at their opponents in Super Smash Bros. more effectively.

Across the board, multi hitting attacks have been made more consistent, and rapid jabs no longer clash with opponents. This means that mashing A in Super Smash Bros. (with certain characters) will no longer deflect other sword hits.

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