Wuthering Waves "Wuthering Exploration" event: Release date, rewards, and more

Details about the Wuther Exploration event (Image via Kuro Games)
Details about the Wuther Exploration event (Image via Kuro Games)

Wuthering Exploration is an upcoming event in Wuthering Waves. It is set to be released a couple of weeks before the end of Version 1.1 and features plenty of valuable rewards that are particularly useful in the endgame content. Kuro Games has given the community an initial look into this event along with its intended duration, a complete list of rewards, and more.

This article provides all the details you need to know about the Wuthering Exploration event in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves: Wuthering Exploration event explained

Wuthering Exploration is a limited-time event in Wuthering Waves that is expected to go live on June 13, 2024, at 10:00 am (UTC+8). The event is set to last for two weeks and ends on June 27, 2024, at 3:59 am (UTC+8), a day before Version 1.1 goes live. Players can receive the following rewards by participating in this event and completing the required objectives:

  • Astrite x800
  • Morphable Elite Class Echo II
  • Morphable Elite Class Echo I
  • Premium Sealed Tube x30
  • Premium Tuner x100

These are really good rewards for players that have reached high Union Level levels as grinding materials for Echo upgrades has been pretty hard. The Wuthering Exploration event tasks players with completing two Exploration Quests every day. These may include defeating Tacet Discords, synthesizing materials, upgrading weapons, and more.

Completing these Exploration Quests provides Exploration Points. After reaching certain Exploration Points milestones, you can cash in and claim some of the valuable rewards mentioned earlier in the article. As of this writing, there is no news on how the rewards will be distributed. Union Level 14 is a requirement for participating in this event as well.

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Premium Tuners and Sealed Tubes are hard materials to farm (Image via Kuro Games)
Premium Tuners and Sealed Tubes are hard materials to farm (Image via Kuro Games)

This looks to be another simple event, similar to Overdash Club, where players can put in minimal effort and reap bountiful rewards which is a good sign. This ensures gamers spend less time grinding to get valuable resources such as Premium Tuners and Sealed Tubes.

In conclusion, Wuthering Exploration looks to be a simple yet promising event that can reward every player for merely logging in and playing the game every day.

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