CONIFA World Cup 2018 - Schedule

Full schedule for CONIFA World Cup

Group A

May 31: Ellan Vannin 4-1 Cascadia

May 31: Barawa 4-0 Tamil Elam

June 2: Barawa vs Cascadia

June 2: Ellan Vannin vs Tamil Elam

June 3: Barawa vs Ellan Vannin

June 3: Tamil Elam vs Cascadia

Group B

May 31: Abkhazia 3-0 Tibet

May 31: Northern Cyprus 1-1 Karpatalja

June 2: Abkhazia vs Karpatalja

June 2: Northern Cyprus vs Tibet

June 3: Abkhazia vs Northern Cyprus

June 3: Karpatalja vs Tibet

Group C

May 31: Sezekely Land 4-0 Tuvalu

May 31: Padania 6-1 Matabeleland

June 2: Sezekely Land vs Matabeleland

June 2: Padania vs Tuvalu

June 3: Padania vs Sezekely Land

June 3: Tuvalu vs Matabeleland

Group D

May 31: United Koreans in Japan 0-0 Western Armenia

May 31: Panjab FA 8-0 Kabylia

June 2: United Koreans in Japan vs Kabylia

June 2: Panjab FA vs Western Armenia

June 3: Panjab FA vs United Koreans in Japan

June 3: Western Armenia vs Kabylia


June 5: Winner Group A vs Runner-up Group B

June 5: Winner Group C vs Runner-up Group D

June 5: Winner Group B vs Runner-up Group A

June 5: Winner Group D vs Runner-up Group C


June 7: Winner QF1 vs Winner QF2

June 7: Winner QF3 vs Winner QF4

Third-placed Playoff:

June 9: Loser SF1 vs Loser SF2


June 9: Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2

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