3 Fortnite skins with the smallest hitboxes (and 3 with the largest)

While developers deny that skins are not pay-to-win, loopers rely on hitboxes to make their choice with skin selection (Image via Sportskeeda)
While developers deny that skins are not pay-to-win, loopers rely on hitboxes to make their choice with skin selection (Image via Sportskeeda)

In Fortnite, skins are a commodity that determines a player's status more than their gaming skills or equipment

While Epic Games denies that there is any gameplay advantage to skins or any of the in-game cosmetics, loopers find a way or another to use certain skins to gain leverage.

Hitboxes are a concept in Fortnite that determines how much area a skin covers across the island space, which directly relates to the accuracy of an opponent's gunshots.The more hitboxes the skin has, the more area it consumes on the island, hence it's easier to shoot at and eliminate.


3 Fortnite skins with the smallest hitboxes along with 3 having the largest


The video above explains how Thanos' waist size affects the hitbox in comparison to a female skin. Although the difference is very minimal, it still matters to players who are pro and go for zero margin of error in their games.

Here are the six skins with the smallest and largest hitboxes comparatively around in Fortnite.

3 Fortnite skins with the smallest hitboxes

1) Dummy


Dummy skin is based off of the "Crash Dummies" concept that is used during car crash tests. It is one of the few skins with smaller hitboxes as it is slim & crisp in its design.

The skin, thankfully, did not face any backlash and the players enjoyed it. It has a new gray variant which was used in both competitive and non-competitive matches.

2) Chaos Agent


Chaos agent is one of the rare skins that caught the community's eye when it was first released in the item shop. This skin is popular for its black suit and a mysterious gooey figure with a mask.

One of the main advantages that the skin provides is having the smallest and least number of hitboxes than any other skin in the game. This is still one of the most popular skins for both casual and pro players.

3) Joltara


Joltara is considered a pay-to-win skin in Fortnite for the correct reasons. Players were able to customize the skin which included its color, logo, masks, etc. It is considered one of the most customisable skins out there in the game.

Due to its feminine structure, it also has the smallest hitboxes. Players customize this skin according to their convenience and use it in non-competitive and competitive matches.

3 skins with the largest hitboxes

1) Thanos


Thanos made its way into the Fortnite universe in Chapter 1 and finally into the item shop in Chapter 2. However, loopers were hesitant to buy the skin as it provided a disadvantage to them in a combat situation.

The skin is larger in comparison to the average Fortnite skin as it sports heavy body armor and a larger size. This, in conclusion, creates a much bigger and wider hitbox for opponents to take advantage of and eliminate the looper who wears it.

2) Big Chuggus


The slurp monster, Big Chuggus, code named "Bane" from the Fortnite community, was inspired by the antagonist Bane in the Batman franchise. Due to his heavy muscular body and slurp tubes, it was no doubt one of the biggest skins with many large hitboxes. This made it an unpopular skin.

3) Guff


Guff skin is known as happy skin and loopers can't deny its cuteness. However, competitive players in Fortnite did not use or buy the skin due to its buffed up body and physique.

It was easily detectable from long range, making it easier for opponents to shoot with less effort. Guff covers a large screen area with large hitboxes which makes the looper vulnerable.

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