How to get the Fortnite Batman Zero Point skin in Season 6

The Batman Zero Point Fortnite Skin in Season 6 (Image via YouTube)
The Batman Zero Point Fortnite Skin in Season 6 (Image via YouTube)
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Epic Games recently released the Fortnite Batman Zero Bundle on May 5th, and fans cannot wait to acquire all the cosmetics.

The Fortnite Batman Zero Point comic book was released on April 20th. Following the release of the comic book, the recent v16.30 update bridged the gap between Batman and Fortnite Island. Epic Games even offered the Fortnite Batman Zero outfit to some of the most popular content creators.

The first issue of the comic book revealed a new location in Fortnite Season 6. Following the v16.30 update, a new POI was added to the map. Located south of the Slurry Swamp, this POI came to be known as the Batshack.

Data miners had earlier revealed that fans could expect the Fortnite Batman Zero cosmetics to arrive anytime soon in the Item Shop. With the recent Item Shop reset, Epic Games has revealed that all the speculations were true, and players can now get Batman Zero cosmetics from the Fortnite Batman Zero bundle.

Fortnite Batman Zero Bundle: How to get all the cosmetics from the bundle in Season 6

The Fortnite Batman Zero Bundle is now available in the Item Shop, and players can acquire it for 2100 V-Bucks.

Leaks from data miners had previously indicated possible Batman Zero cosmetics and Batman Zero bundle to be available in the Item Shop. Fans were ecstatic about the leaks in the hope of getting the Caped Crusader's cosmetics.


The Fortnite Batman Zero bundle has been made available for loopers in the Item Shop. The cosmetics include the Batman Zero outfit, Batman Zero Wing Glider, and the Grappling Axe. Players who opt for the Batman Zero bundle will get the same cosmetics with an additional Batman Zero loading screen.

The Fortnite Batman Zero cosmetics will require players to spend a bit from their savings. The Batman Zero outfit costs 1500 V-Bucks, while the Batman Zero wing is available for 1200 V-Bucks. And the Grappling Axe that has been recently added costs 800 V-Bucks.

The Fortnite Batman Zero Bundle is comparatively cheaper than other cosmetic sets. The bundle has an additional loading screen, and the total package costs 2100 V-Bucks.

Players who chose to buy the Fortnite Batman Zero Point comics were rewarded with the Batman Zero Wing Glider. The leak of the Batman Bundle caused them to worry as they anticipated that they might be robbed off the loading screen as it comes with the bundle.

However, popular data miner ShiinaBR revealed that comic buyers would be getting an additional discount, and they’ll also be getting the Batman Bundle for just 900 V-Bucks.

Loopers were enraged with Fortnite as it failed to offer Star Wars cosmetics after several leaks revealed it’d be back on May 4th.

Following the retaliation, Epic Games has brought the Fortnite Batman Zero cosmetics to the Item Shops and has even offered a discount for comic book buyers. It seems that Fortnite is trying its best to reconcile with fans to gain their trust in Season 6.

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