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12 Nov 1993


UFC was founded in 1993 by Art Davie, Bob Meyrowitz, Rorion Gracie, David Isaacs, John

Milius, and Campbell McLaren. The UFC came from an idea by Art Davie when he proposed

the idea of a War of the Worlds tournament, which would be an eight-man single elimination

tournament. They started WOW production, later getting a contract for pay-per-views with SEG.

They called their show The Ultimate Championship.


When it was first founded, the UFC had the famous tagline of there are no rules. There were no weight-classes, time-outs or judges. There were only 2 rules, which were, no-biting and no eye-gouging.

How could a UFC Fighter win in UFC 1?

UFC Fighters could only win their fights via submission, knockout or someone from the fighter's corner throwing in the towel.

Who Were The Commentators at UFC 1?

The commentators were Bill Wallace, Jim Brown and Kathy Long. Additional analysis was done by Rod Machado and post-match interviews were conducted by Brian Kilmeade.

Who was the winner of UFC 1?

Royce Gracie

UFC 1 Results


Royce Gracie def. Gerard GordeauSubmission (rear naked choke)1:44
Semi- Final

Royce Gracie def. Ken ShamrockSubmission (sleeve choke)0:57
Gerard Gordeau def. Kevin RosierTKO (corner stoppage)0:59

Ken Shamrock def. Patrick SmithSubmission (heel hook)1:49
Royce Gracie def. Art JimmersonSubmission (mount)2:18
Kevin Rosier def. Zane FrazierTKO (corner stoppage)4:20
Gerard Gordeau def. Teila TuliTKO (head kick)0:26
Alternate Bout

Jason DeLucia def. Trent JenkinsSubmission (rear-naked choke)0:52

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