3 bikes every GTA Online player should own

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Rockstar Games deserves a standing ovation for all the incredibly unique and magnificent vehicles that GTA Online features.

However, most GTA Online motorcycles have not received the buzz they deserve despite all the cool features they host.

Cars are naturally given more 'hype' in the game, which is reasonable because a bullet-proof car tends to offer more protection to the player than a relatively open and vulnerable motorcycle.

However, in some situations, swift and lightweight motorbikes work better than most GTA Online cars as they take up less space and put up a low-profile image.

This article features the top 3 bikes featured in GTA Online that every player should own.

3 bikes that every GTA Online player should own

#3 The Sanctus

The Sanctus is the most intimidating motorcycle featured in GTA Online, featuring a skull-themed design, sturdy building, and heavy customizations.

Recorded at 144.00 km/h, the Sanctus leaves every other chopper-style variant behind. Its acceleration is awe-worthy and makes for an amazing ride. The handling of the car is super nimble, allowing for a swift and smooth escape.

This majestic bike can be bought from Southern S.A. Super Autos in GTA Online for 1,995,000.

#2 The Shotaro

Based on the Lotus C-01, the Shotaro is another envy-enticing vehicle every GTA Online player should save up for.

The Shotaro boasts smooth wheels, efficient brakes and lightning-fast speed.

The only drawback of the bike is its poor water performance, which can sometimes slow the player down. Still, since most missions do not necessarily feature oceans, this shouldn't dissuade them from buying this classy bike.

The Shotaro can be bought from Legendary Motorsport for $2,225,000 in GTA Online.

#1 The Oppressor Mark II

The Oppressor MK II is one of the most expensive vehicles featured in GTA Online, and every affluent in the game owns one.

Not only is this flying bike super smooth to manoeuvre but also devastatingly powerful. It comes equipped with several lethal weapons like rocket launchers, machine guns and explosive weapons.

The only downside to this incredible feature is that people often exploit it to finish off innocent players in an online lobby. While impromptu fights are always fun to engage with, blasting people into pieces for no reason at all is not appreciated, especially in an online lobby.

The bikes also come equipped with props that account for a smooth landing to prevent severe damage in a rough landing.

The Oppressor Mark II costs $3,890,252 in GTA Online.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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