3 most interesting places on the GTA 5 map

GTA games have some truly remarkable locations (Image via GT Wiki)
GTA games have some truly remarkable locations (Image via GT Wiki)

GTA 5 is one of the most beloved games in the entire series because Rockstar Games never fails to surprise players.

The franchise is known for its dark themes and blood-curdling quests โ€” exactly what GTA 5 players love in a video game. After all, the point of investing so many hours in a video game is to escape the mundane reality, not to try and understand it.

This article features some fascinating places featured on the GTA 5 map. Every player should visit these places at least once.

Top three most exciting places on the GTA 5 map

#3 - The Altruist Cult

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Grand Theft Auto fans know Rockstar loves nothing more than a cutting-edge storyline inspired by gothic tales.

One such plot has been driven from the spine-chilling tales of man-eaters, commonly known as cannibals. Mount Chiliad featured on the GTA 5 map is home to the creatures of the dark and is located well away from any civilization.

The Hangout on Mount Chiliad is often utilized by Trevor, who sends a team of hitchhikers right into the den of the dangerous denizens. The player can find an Assault Rifle, an RPG, a cool baseball bat, and over $100,000 on the premises.

GTA 5 players can play as Trevor to visit one of the most perilous places featured on the game's map.

#2 - Mount Chiliad

Image via
Image via

Mount Chiliad, home to flesh-eating cannibals, is the highest peak in the GTA 5 map and is one of the most fascinating places in the game.

The player can find a bunch of surprises at the very peak of the mountain. There's a parachute and two dirtbikes up for grabs. Players can try and ride down the hill or simply jump off the highest peak and release the parachute on the way.

The back of the scenic location features a mural that tells the player to come back once the story is complete. This is perhaps one of the most memorable Easter eggs featured in GTA 5.

When the player revisits this place, they will find a UFO hovering above the mountain โ€” a salute to one of the most notorious criminals in the history of the virtual world.

#1 - El Gordo Lighthouse

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

The infamous El Gordo Lighthouse is located on the east coast of San Andreas, in an ethereal place called Cape Catfish. It is one of the most beautiful monuments featured on the GTA 5 map.

Not only is this place a sight to behold, but the sea is unusually violent, as if pulled right out of a movie. Serenity hangs in the air, making the player jump off the couch and get ready for a long day at the beach.

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