3 possible vehicles that could be added to GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced

This might be how the new cars will appear in-game (Images via
This might be how the new cars will appear in-game (Images via

Some of the screenshots released by Rockstar for GTA 5's PS5 and Xbox Series X/S edition feature several cars. There are four cars in total, only three of which are new. Rockstar has promised to launch five new vehicles along with this next-gen console version.

These will have exclusive customizations at Hao's Special Works, a new type of auto shop for new cars alongside five existing ones. This article explores some details regarding these cars, most of which have been uncovered by GTA fans.

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Some of the new cars that could be launched alongside GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced

3) New tuner car


This car seems to be heavily based on the Toyota GT86, with possible design elements from the Mazda RX-8. These are popular tuners and will likely focus on handling over sheer power. Los Santos Tuners was an extremely popular update that most GTA Online players appreciated.

It introduced a plethora of tuner cars that are pretty popular among JDM enthusiasts. Fans have been demanding a vehicle based on the GT86 for quite a while now. It seems that Rockstar will be delivering on that promise.

As a tuner, it will probably get the most extensive customization options at Hao's Special Works. The majority of existing tuners in GTA Online cost between $1 and $2 million and this one is expected to cost around the same. It is expected to be a Dinka model.

2) New muscle car


This one seems to be a classic muscle car design, possibly based on the 1969 Pontiac GTO and the 1972 Ford Gran Torino. It would be a grave mistake to launch a significant upgrade without a classic muscle car, especially in a game set in the US with multiple nods to classic Americana.

Rockstar seems to understand this notion, which is why they will be adding an attractive old-school muscle car. The car is expected to provide decent acceleration and top speed, but only if it drives like a conventional muscle car.

This would set it as a direct counterpart to the tuner, and it makes more sense to add vehicles that are distinct from each other. Pricing speculation might be wide-ranging, as in-game muscle vehicles are among the most expensive as well as the cheapest. Imponte is expected to be the manufacturer.

1) New sports car


The new sports car seen in the screenshots has been recognized by fans as being based on Rimac Nevera. The real-life equivalent is an all-electric sports car that hasn't been released to the public market yet.

It is likely that Rockstar will also launch this as an electric car. Electric vehicles are considered by many to be the vehicles of the future, and Rockstar might be signifying this through this next-gen console upgrade.

Most electric cars in GTA Online are manufactured by Coil, a company based on Tesla, and this new car is also expected to be a Coil model. The price of this vehicle could be considered high if it's added to the Supers category.

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