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5 best cheats and mods that players should try out in GTA San Andreas

Image via Anggi Hermawan (YouTube)
Image via Anggi Hermawan (YouTube)
Modified 04 Apr 2021
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GTA San Andreas is a timeless classic full of wonderful cheats and mods.

There's practically a mod for everything in GTA San Andreas. For example, players can play as Shrek who is capable of killing all pedestrians with a single punch while playing on the GTA Vice City map. All of that is possible in GTA San Andreas thanks to a few mods, and that's not even necessarily the best mods for players to install.

Of course, GTA is no stranger to cheat codes either. While most games have abandoned cheat codes, GTA San Andreas still has various codes for players to use for their entertainment. There are fun cheat codes for gangs, pedestrians, weather, and CJ. Cheats and mods go hand-in-hand for creating a fun atmosphere in GTA San Andreas, so the following five entries might interest players looking for new ways to play GTA San Andreas.

Five of the best cheats and mods that players should try out in GTA San Andreas

#5 - Lock Wanted Level

Image via ZMOONCHILD (YouTube)
Image via ZMOONCHILD (YouTube)

Trying to explore the islands before the player unlocks them can be a pain. While an instant four-star Wanted Level can be fun to mess around with, it can also seem overly limiting. Likewise, some people just don't want to have cops following them for the most minor of crimes. For one reason or another, these types of players don't want to deal with the Wanted Level system at all.

There are multiple ways to activate this cheat on the PC version of GTA San Andreas. "AEZAKMI," "IFIRSTDOZ," "TESTEDUCATIONALSKILLS," and "IDOASIPLEASE" are all valid cheat codes that can lock a player's Wanted Level. This does mean that other cheat codes that raise a player's Wanted Level won't work, and some storyline scripts involving Wanted Levels may not function properly.


#4 - DYOM

DYOM isn't a mod that a person will get instant gratification from. However, creative players can create hours upon hours of content with this handy mod. Alternatively, anybody can download the missions a player makes with this mod, which can be great for a group of friends looking to share mission ideas. As far as making one's own missions go, DYOM is the easiest one in GTA San Andreas.

Players can don the role of any pedestrian in GTA San Andreas (so they're not forced to just be CJ) and can do practically anything with this mod. Players can race, assassinate specific targets, blow up a specific vehicle, and do other cool shenanigans with this mod. Whether one wishes to share their levels or keep it for themselves, it's a fun tool to use when one wants to flex their creative muscles.


#3 - San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP)

SA-MP is essentially GTA Online for GTA San Andreas players. Fans of GTA San Andreas can use this mod to interact with thousands of other players, which provides a whole new layer of GTA San Andreas' gameplay experience. SA-MP isn't limited to just people who speak English, so there's bound to be a player speaking an entirely different language than what some players might be used to.

There are roleplay servers for fans of that archetype, stunt servers, and other miscellaneous servers for messing around with. It should be noted that some players play SA-MP because their PC is far too weak to handle GTA 5 or other multiplayer games, so that's one of the main reasons some players get SA-MP as a mod.

#2 - Pedestrians Riot

Image via Hugo One (YouTube)
Image via Hugo One (YouTube)

While this cheat code may be associated with Madd Dogg jumping off sooner than what's intended, this is still a fun code to mess around with. Plus, players can use the code after they beat the game, so no missions should be able to limit their progress. Although it should be noted, that part of the fun does take place whilst on a mission. Players on the PC version can easily use external tools and resources to bypass missions they find impossible.

That said, it's the wildest cheat that players can activate normally. On the PC version, "STATEOFEMERGENCY" or "IOJUFZN" activates the cheat. It's an easy way to create carnage throughout all of San Andreas (so it's not just Los Santos like in the in-game story). One never knows what might happen with this cheat code, which also makes it fun for speedrunners to combine with other cheats like the "Pedestrians have weapons" cheat.

#1 - V Graphic ENB

By far GTA San Andreas's biggest weakness in modern times is its graphics. It was considered mediocre for its time and now it's just plain outdated. Fortunately, there are several great mods for enhancing GTA San Andreas's graphics. Even more fortunate is the fact that great mods are constantly being made as the years go by. While there are several to choose from, the V Graphic ENB is a safe and easy one to install.


This improves GTA San Andreas' graphics to a respectable level. What makes this mod nice compared to other mods is that it doesn't always have water on the roads. In this GTA San Andreas mod, water only appears on the road when it rains, and it isn't a crutch to try and look fancy.

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Published 04 Apr 2021, 00:51 IST
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