5 best GTA 4 mods that make the game feel next-gen

GTA 4 players can use these mods to make the game feel next-gen (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA 4 players can use these mods to make the game feel next-gen (Image via Sportskeeda)

Deemed a cult classic, Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4) is a favorite among fans owing to its dark story, theme, and background. While the 2008 title has a lot to offer, it does seem a little dated in the present era, considering all of the technological and hardware advancements.

Although Rockstar has discontinued all official support for the game, fans and modders continue to cherish it. The modding community is always willing to contribute something to keep the game feeling fresh and new.

This article lists five GTA 4 mods that make the game feel like a next-gen experience.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions. Listings are not in any order.

5 GTA 4 mods that improve gameplay for a next-generation experience

1) 4K Ultra HD Graphics

A modded visual from the game (Image via GTAinside)
A modded visual from the game (Image via GTAinside)

High-resolution gameplay is the epitome of a next-generation experience. Jerry from GTAinside created a patch that updates the game's graphics. It makes full use of the improved graphics drivers and advancements in modern computers.

While the original graphics of the game appear dull and gloomy, the mod rasterizes and replaces the original textures for a 4K high-definition experience. It makes buildings and their surroundings appear more photorealistic and detailed.

2) Realistic Driving & Flying


Driving in GTA 4 can be quite challenging. It uses the Euphoria Engine, and the driving mechanism is slightly more challenging than in previous Grand Theft Auto games. To address the issue, GTA Garage modder Killatomate created a patch that improves the driving and flying experience in the game.

The mod improves the handling of 170 in-game vehicles. Some of the mod's standout features include:

  • Realistic handling
  • Reworked suspension and traction
  • Realistic bikes
  • Realistic helicopters
  • Realistic brake strength, etc.

The game's original driving mechanism is frequently compared to "boat-like driving" or "sponge suspension driving" by players. This mod will fix those issues and will provide a next-generation driving experience.

3. Dual Wielding style


JulioNIB from GTA X Scripting has created a mod that allows Niko to wield two guns at the same time. The mod includes a variety of weapons that can be fired with both hands as well as a compelling animated effect for shooting.

Modded weapons include the Glock, Deagle, Uzi, Mp5, and Combat Shotgun, along with others. It also has a headshot feature that causes a temporary slow-motion effect when a headshot kill is performed.

However, while Niko can hold and shoot two guns at the same time, only one target will be hit. That is, both guns fire at the same target.

4) Winter Liberty


Winters always look incredible in video games. The white coat of snow covering the surroundings gives players a surreal visual experience. GTAinside's Alisa Belucci created a mod that brings snow to Liberty City.

Snow will cover roads, trees, and all other open spaces, creating a chilly winter atmosphere. Some cars and walls are also covered in snow, and NPCs wear winter-specific clothing, enhancing the game's experience.

5) Liberty City Customs


This mod adds vehicle customization options to Grand Theft Auto 4. This patch was created by Nexus Mods’ modder XxproxXgammer to bring Los Santos Customs to Liberty City under a new name. Players can take their vehicle to any of the Liberty City Customs auto shops located throughout the map and customize it with the available options.

While the modifications are not as detailed and enhanced as those in Grand Theft Auto 5, players still have a wide range of options to apply to their vehicles. Respray, brakes, defense, neon, wash, and other modifications are available in the mod.

For a true next-gen experience, players can combine this mod with other graphics or drive-enhancing mods as well.

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