5 GTA Online cars with an emphasis on customization

Five cars in GTA Online that custom car enthusiasts should look out for (Images via GTA Fandom)
Five cars in GTA Online that custom car enthusiasts should look out for (Images via GTA Fandom)

For auto fans, GTA Online is "Heaven on Wheels." There are many unique vehicles available in the game, and new ones are often added through updates and DLCs. Although each automobile has a unique appearance by default, the game allows for additional customization.

Rockstar recognizes the players' enthusiasm and even released an update for them in 2021. GTA Online primarily provides two locations for upgrades and customizations. Both locations add their own flair to the vehicles.

This article features five GTA Online cars that offer fantastic customization choices in the game, ranging from muscle cars to coupes and sports cars to off-road vehicles.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions. The cars listed are in no particular order.

Five GTA Online vehicles with extensive customization options

1) Vapid Dominator GTX


The Vapid Dominator GTX is a two-door muscle car based on the modern Ford Mustang. It provides players with over a hundred modification options to make their cars look slicker.

Los Santos Customs offers 17 Hoods, 20 Roofs, and 18 Spoilers options to give a sense of how many alterations are possible for this car. However, the car has no livery option, and Benny's Original Motor Works does not offer any customization options for it either.

The car features a 5-speed transmission and reaches a top speed of 108.50 mph or 174.61 km/h when it's fully upgraded.

2) Bravado Banshee


The Bravado Banshee is a two-seater sports car in GTA Online. It is also available in Topless form, with the option to add or remove the roof while customizing the vehicle.

The Los Santos Customs workshop provides numerous upgrades and modifications to the vehicle. Along with the standard customizations, it offers 16 different liveries and one HSW livery in GTA Online. Players can even upgrade to the 900R version of Benny's Original Motor Works.

When fully upgraded, it has a top speed of 117.75 mph or 189.50 km/h. With HSW improvements, Next-Gen console players can reach speeds of up to 153.00 mph or 246.23 km/h.

3) Übermacht Sentinel Classic


The Übermacht Sentinel Classic is a rally coupe that seats two people. It is based on the BMW E30 M3 and can be customized in a variety of styles in GTA Online. The Los Santos Customs workshop has 17 hood and 10 livery styles to choose from. It also provides four different fenders.

Players can also upgrade to the Widebody version by taking it to Benny's Original Motor Works. The Sentinel Classic has a 5-speed transmission and can reach a top speed of 117.25 mph or 188.70 km/h with full upgrades.

4) Bravado Gauntlet Classic


The Gauntlet Classic, another Bravado on the list, is a two-door muscle car in GTA Online. It looks like a Dodge Challenger and has a plethora of customization options that complement the car's sturdy-looking beefy body.

Benny can also upgrade it to the Classic Customs version for a fair charge. It can also be customized with a ton of stylish colors and liveries from Los Santos Customs to make it truly an American Sports Muscle car. The vehicle features a 5-speed transmission and, when fully upgraded, can travel at a top speed of 109.75 mph or 176.63 km/h.

This car is also available in the latest heist mission of GTA 5 "The Big Score," as a getaway vehicle. During the heist setup, players get a sneak peek at the customization options as well as the driving experience.

5) Annis Hellion


Annis Hellion is a great vehicle in GTA Online with loads of customizing choices for those who enjoy off-road cars. It is based on the Nissan Patrol Safari Y60 and features some excellent engine modifications that make the vehicle rugged and durable for off-road driving.

At Los Santos Customs, the car can be fully outfitted with off-road gear and stylish liveries. The engine has a 5-speed transmission and when fully upgraded reaches a top speed of 103.50 mph or 166.57 km/h.

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