5 best GTA Online Arena War vehicles in 2021

To get started in the Arena Wars, players will need to own an Arena War Workshop (Image via Rockstar Games)
To get started in the Arena Wars, players will need to own an Arena War Workshop (Image via Rockstar Games)

Arena Wars might not be the most profitable game mode in GTA Online, but few can deny just how entertaining it is. Owning an Arena Workshop and turning cars into highly-weaponized death machines never seems to get old, and players love creating giant monstrosities.

From quick, nimble, and precise bikes to gigantic trucks with a massive ram at the head, players can find various vehicles in GTA Online's Arena War. Here's a look at some of the best vehicles in the Arena Workshop and what makes them so special.

To get started in the Arena Wars, players will need to own an Arena War Workshop and purchase certain vehicles to upgrade them into their Arena War variants.

Most suitable Arena War vehicles in GTA Online in 2021

#1 - Deathbike


When it comes to sheer speed and effectiveness, there are only a handful of vehicles that can come close to the Deathbike. The only downside to the Deathbike is the lack of armor or protection in any direction.

Even the shield on the back won't hold up for long and will likely cause an explosion as the game mysteriously considers it part of the engine. Even with its flaws, it is hard to deny just how much speed counts in GTA Online, and it doesn't get much faster than the Deathbike.

#2 - ZR380


The perfect balance between speed and security, the ZR380 is about as balanced as vehicles can get in the Arena Wars. It has excellent handling, decent weaponry, and sturdy enough armor to withstand a good amount of punishment.

The ZR380, even with all the weapons and armor, manages to look like an elegant performance vehicle, always a plus. Perhaps the most quintessential car on the list, the ZR380 is always a good choice.

#3 - Sasquatch


While the Sasquatch might not be the most balanced choice, it is undoubtedly one of the most fun vehicles one can drive around in GTA Online. This monster truck lives up to its billing as it crushes measly chunks of metal under its gigantic wheels and fires off its machine guns.

The Sasquatch doesn't compromise and is just about the epitome of ruthless dominance in GTA Online.

#4 - Impaler


The Impaler, other than being the coolest-sounding car on the list, is also just a really fun car in GTA Online. Apart from its looks, the vehicle packs quite a punch in the speed department and has surprisingly good handling.

The Impaler is a good balance between looks, performance, and utility, making it a decent purchase for modes outside of Arena Wars as well.

5 - Cerberus


Outside of Arena Wars, the Cerberus might be a giant liability, given how slow and lumbering it can be. Yet, within the Arena, there is not a force mightier or more dominant than the Cerberus.

Taking cues from the War Rig from Mad Max: Fury Road, this absolute titan of a machine mows down on everything in its path in GTA Online. A fully upgraded Cerberus is a sight to behold and something that strikes fear into the hearts of all players.

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