5 best GTA Vice City Stories missions

GTA Vice City Stories (Source: Youtube @Михаил Super)
GTA Vice City Stories (Source: Youtube @Михаил Super)
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GTA Vice City Stories is packed with amazing missions and an intense storyline. Players favored the game as it gave the Vice City fans more backstory, and they thoroughly enjoyed the map. The prequel to the classic GTA Vice City, the storyline of GTA Vice City Stories, is set two years before Vice City.

GTA Vice City Stories tells players Victor Vic Vance, who is the brother of the antagonist Lance Vance from GTA Vice City.

These are the five best missions in GTA Vice City Stories

5) High Wire


High Wire is a mission of GTA Vice City Stories given by Diego and Armando Mendez. Vic needs to steal the cocaine impounded by the police to clear his name. For this mission, players need to get into a chopper with a magnetic hook to steal the container where the cocaine is kept.

Once the player gets the cargo, they need to take it to the drop-off point. After dropping the first container, players need to get the second container taken away by the cops. Players need to steal the container from the moving truck and take it to the drop-off point. The last part of the mission requires players to rescue Diego from the Biker gang chasing him and take him to safety.

4) The Exchange


The Exchange is a mission of GTA Vice City Stories, given by Ricardo Diaz. In this mission, Diaz deals with the DEA to give them the cocaine stolen from Gonzalez in exchange for guns. Players needed to drive the drug-filled van to the meeting point only to be ambushed by Gonzalez's men, who ended up killing one of Diaz's gang members.

Players needed to take the sniper rifle and shoot Gonzalez's men, waiting at a vantage point in nearby buildings. Once players take out the enemies, they need to complete the deal and take the truck back to Diaz's place to complete the mission.

3) Jive Drive


During the mission, Vic is confronted by Cholos for killing members of their gang. Lance joins players in this mission, and the Vance brothers escape with Lance driving. The brothers are tailed by Cholo members, and players need to clear the road to survive.

After Lance totals the car, the missions require him to survive and players to eliminate all the attackers. Once all the attackers are killed, players drop Lance at his hotel to finish the mission.

2) Light My Pyre


Light My Pyre is the final mission in GTA Vice City Stories given to the protagonist by his brother Lance Vance. At the beginning of the mission, Vic learns that Armando Mendez has kidnapped Louise. When the Vance brothers left to rescue her, a couple of Mendez's men blew up Lance's car. Players then need to follow the attack cars and enter Mendez's mansion.

Players need to fight all of Mendez's men and kill Armando Mendez. Then Vic runs upstairs to find Lance and Louise passed out on the floor. Vic runs to Louise and catches her during her last breath. After Louise dies, Lance gets up and follows Vic out of the building. The mission is intense and emotional.

1) the Last Stand


The Last Stand is the final storyline mission in GTA Vice City Stories. The mission is given to Victor Vance by Ricardo Diaz. In this mission, Vic is fighting for his freedom from the drug syndicate of Vice City. Players need to take the attack helicopter and take out the guards in the Mendez building. The guards take out the helicopter, and Vic needs to complete the mission on foot by taking out all the guards.

After clearing all the guards, players reach the roof where they confront Diego Mendez and Martinez. Players need to kill both of them to complete the final mission in GTA Vice City Stories.

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