5 of the best Halloween GTA San Andreas mods for an eerie atmosphere

The updated version of You Are Here is easily a good recommendation for horror fans
The updated version of You Are Here is easily a good recommendation for horror fans (Image via MixMods.br)

GTA San Andreas mods are incredibly ubiquitous, so there are bound to be some good Halloween-themed ones that you can use for this eerie season. This list covers various modifications, including short ones that can take a few minutes to do and long ones that you could enjoy for hours. Either way, there is plenty of good content available online.

Note that this list only shows GTA San Andreas mods, which are not for the Definitive Edition. On a related note, this article cannot provide download links, but gamers can easily find such files on MixMods and LibertyCity.net.

Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

Five spooky Halloween GTA San Andreas mods to use for frightening fun

1) Horror Noises v2.0 - Ghost Hunting

An example of a player photographing a ghost (Image via LibertyCity.ru)
An example of a player photographing a ghost (Image via LibertyCity.ru)

This GTA San Andreas mod has a similar premise to the Fatal Frame series in that you can photograph apparitions. Horror Noises v2.0 - Ghost Hunting involves you going to the lonely countryside and destroying some spirits via snapshots. Other weapons won't work here. The screen will occasionally become static, and the phantoms can attack CJ.

This modification is the second version of the original Halloween-themed one. It is an original concept to use in a Grand Theft Auto setting, making it a fun experience if you're seeking something different.

2) Zombie Andreas Complete Final (Build 3585.64)


Zombies are some of the most widely used creatures for any Halloween modification. It's no different with GTA San Andreas mods, as there is no shortage of candidates to put on a list like this one.

Zombie Andreas is an interesting mod since it's surprisingly in-depth. For starters, there are several game modes. You have Survival, which is pretty self-explanatory. Escape From the State involves you trying to escape San Andreas with a random civilian armed with limited weapons. There is also Faction War, Zombiegeddon, Madness, and more.

3) GTA SA Hunting Mod 2020 (BETA V2)


One fascinating thing that many old-school gamers might recall about the mid-to-late 2000s was the abundance of GTA San Andreas mods that involved monsters or other creepy foes. This modification replicates that with a CLEO script, allowing you to search for 89 different myths across the game. Classics like Leatherface, Piggsy, and even a werewolf are present here.

If you enjoy combat, this modification may be of interest to you, especially if you like the rural countryside and are looking for something to do there.

4) You Are Here


You Are Here is another classic GTA San Andreas mod worth highlighting for the Halloween season. This video shows the updated standalone pack, which is available at MixMods. The gist of this modification is that you find yourself in a strange place and have to explore your surroundings.

You Are Here is fun for fans of the horror genre, albeit this type of modification is best suited for those who have 10-30 minutes at their disposal. The unique storyline also helps make You Are Here stand out compared to many of the other more generic horror-themed mods.

5) Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween allows you to scare pedestrians and decorate a street with up to 21 pumpkins.

This GTA San Andreas mod is incredibly simple, but it's a good alternative to celebrate Halloween compared to the usual horror-based modifications listed earlier. The autumn foliage also looks pretty nice.

That's the end of this list of Halloween-related GTA San Andreas mods.

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