5 of Michael’s biggest moments in GTA 5

Michael is about to make the biggest score of his life (Image via Rockstar Games)
Michael is about to make the biggest score of his life (Image via Rockstar Games)

Michael De Santa is not a man to ever mess with in GTA 5, as players find out throughout the course of the game.

One can argue that Michael is the main character of GTA 5. Most of the story revolves around the decisions he personally makes. The hardened criminal has decades of experience underneath his belt, and as a result, he knows how to handle himself in any given situation.

Sometimes his temper gets the best of him, but Michael has one main priority in his life. He wants to protect himself and his family from potential threats. Some of the best moments in GTA 5 involve Michael and his protective instincts. Here's a look at his best feats in the game.

5 moments in GTA 5 that show the best of Michael De Santa

5) Michael brings down a mansion

Michael is understandably unhappy when he finds out his wife had an affair with his tennis coach. In a fit of rage, Michael chases after him in a vehicle. The coach manages to sneak into a hillside mansion, which Michael brings down to the ground.

Granted, it wasn't the smartest decision he ever made, since it belonged to a powerful criminal. At the very least, GTA 5 players find out that Michael is at his most dangerous when he is angry.

4) He protects his daughter

There are several moments where Michael looks out for his daughter Tracy. Whether it's stalkers or explotive producers, Michael always tries to ensure her safety. Which is something that washed-up celebrity, Lazlow, finds out the hard way when he takes advantage of Tracey.

Michael humiliates the radio host several times throughout the events of GTA 5. By the end of the game, Lazlow is made into a laughingstock, yet most players consider it a punishment well deserved.

3) Michael robs the Union Depository

With the help of his friends, Michael ends up performing one of the most ridiculous heists in GTA history, let alone GTA 5. Players have to break into the Union Depository, which was considered an impossible task. By this point in the game, Michael knows his way around a bank vault.

With the fact that this is probably the biggest score of his life, aptly titled "The Big Score", the event is one of the best moments from Michael's life.

2) He saves his entire family

Unfortunately for Michael, he doesn't have time to attend his movie, when Devin Weston makes it clear to him that his family is in danger. Michael realizes that Devin's mercenaries are going after his wife and daughter, and rushes back home to take out the death squad before they do any damage.

Michael just barely manages to save his family in the nick of time. He throws away his cinematic dreams just to keep them safe. Considering that ambition is one of Michael's most deeply inherent traits, giving up his own movie, was one of the best things he ever does in GTA 5.

1) Michael finally admits the truth to Trevor

Arguably among the most powerful moments in GTA 5 is when Trevor discovers the truth. He realizes that Michael has been lying to him about what happened in Ludendorff. It leads to a very tense standoff in a snowy graveyard.

Michael desperately tries to convince Trevor that he did what he had to do. Despite both of these men pulling their guns out, neither takes the shot. Ned Luke's performance here is one of the strongest in the entire game.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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