5 best motorcycles in GTA 5 in 2022

Some of the best motorcycles in GTA Online as of now (Images via Rockstar Games)
Some of the best motorcycles in GTA Online as of now (Images via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online is an extremely hostile environment where players are forced to drive around in armored vehicles, just to be safe from griefers. However, sometimes a motorcycle is needed to drive around from point A to B as fast as possible.

This is difficult to do with a car as they can't evade traffic as well. Meanwhile, helicopters are even less reliable considering how they only spawn at certain points and landing them is a pain. Hence, motorcycles are a player's best friend for cruising across San Andreas with relative ease.

This article features some of the best motorcycles in GTA Online, including some unreleased ones.

GTA Online: 5 of the most useful motorcycles in the game in 2022

5) Nagasaki Shinobi


The Shinobi is part of The Contract and is an upcoming vehicle that is expected to launch this month. It may turn out to be the fastest motorcycle in GTA Online with the best possible handling.

However, its downsides include its ridiculously high price of $2,480,500, and its lack of any special ability. It is a bit more expensive than the Shotaro, and may serve as an alternative to it for those who don't like its futuristic look.

As the name implies, the Nagasaki Shinobi is based on Kawasaki Ninja.

4) Pegassi Vortex


There's nothing special about the Vortex in GTA Online other than its unique design, which makes it appear futuristic but in a realistic way. A major advantage of this motorcycle is that it's available free of cost to those who purchase the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack.

This pack is part of the Premium Edition of GTA 5, which has replaced the normal edition in most digital stores. As a result, most new players in the game can acquire this motorcycle at no cost.

3) Nagasaki BF-400


Off-roading in GTA Online is usually attributed to certain cars and trucks, but an off-road motorcycle is one of the most entertaining vehicles to ride. The BF-400 is the best dirt bike in the game and it beats its competition in most aspects.

2) Western Reever


The Reever is another unreleased motorcycle that is part of GTA Online: The Contract. It is a bit cheaper than the Shinobi, has decent performance, and sports a unique look. It seems to be outperformed by the former, although the $1,900,000 price tag makes it much more feasible.

1) Pegassi Bati 801


Despite being the oldest motorcycle on this list, the Bati 801 is the preferred choice for most GTA Online players. This is because it is much cheaper (available at just $15,000) and serves the purpose of a motorcycle in the game.

Since motorbikes lack any kind of protection, it makes little sense to spend millions on acquiring one. Moreover, the Bati 801 has exceptional performance that can match up to much more expensive motorcycles.

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