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5 best vehicles to complete missions and heists in GTA Online in 2021

(Image via Rockstar Games)
(Image via Rockstar Games)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 30 Mar 2021

GTA Online is a dangerous place for players to navigate without a powerful vehicle by their side. Players are aware that to move up in the world, they require a powerful vehicle that helps them complete missions and Heists in GTA Online.

Running a successful business like the Vehicle Warehouse or the Gunrunning business requires players to complete a whole lot of missions. Taking a sports car to do a tank's job won't cut it, which is why players have resorted to a variety of specialized vehicles.

While players can still complete missions and heists with regular cars and bikes, they're unlikely to have much success. To increase their chances of success during missions, these vehicles are sure to come in handy.

5 best vehicles to complete contact missions and heists in GTA Online in 2021

#1 - Armored Kuruma

The Armored Kuruma is a quintessential vehicle in GTA Online and one of the first purchases that players should make. The vehicle isn't that expensive, which means it can be acquired quite and is the perfect vehicle for the initial Contact Missions in GTA Online.

The car essentially makes the driver and passengers impervious to gunfire from all sides. Since Contact Missions incentivize speed over everything else, the car ensures that players come away with boatloads of cash each time around.

#2 - MKII


The Oppressor MKII has a vice grip on GTA Online's Freemode as the most powerful vehicle in the game. The Oppressor MKII is detested and also loved because it is one of the most useful vehicles in the game but is also exploited constantly.

Griefers and tryhards favor the Oppressor MKII, leading players to instantly be wary of the Oppressor blip on the map.

If players are looking to spend their time in the game doing CEO/VIP work, gunrunning, or any other business; the Oppressor MKII is their best friend.

#3 - Buzzard Attack Chopper

One of the most common vehicles in GTA Online, the Buzzard Attack Chopper has a special place in the game. This chopper can fly across the map in the blink of an eye and has the maneuverability to avoid all sorts of missile locks.

The Buzzard Attack Chopper also comes with weapons such as miniguns and missiles. The Buzzard Attack Chopper is not something to mess with, and owning one allows players to grow their business and complete contact missions with ease in GTA Online.

#4 - Pegassi Toreador


The Pegassi Toreador is one of the latest arrivals in the game and has already won over a major portion of the fanbase. This amphibious offensive powerhouse packs unlimited missiles that turn into torpedoes underwater. It is just as powerful underwater as it is on land.

The Toreador also comes with a Rocket Boost that propels the car forward and allows the player to dodge all sorts of missiles. The Rocket Boost is one of the key reasons why it can go up against the Oppressor MKII and come away relatively unscathed.

The armor on the Toreador is also quite decent. Although it may be pricey, it's certainly never overpriced.

#5 - Deluxo

The Deluxo needs absolutely no introduction. It has already cemented itself as one of the best vehicles in GTA Online. While many new vehicles have made their way into the game since the launch of Deluxo, not many can call themselves a true fan-favorite like the Deluxo.

It is obvious where the Deluxo draws its inspiration from, but the car has a few unique touches of its own. Its ability to fly gives it the edge over vehicles like the Toreador or the Stromberg, and its weapons capabilities put it on par with the most powerful vehicles in GTA Online.

Published 30 Mar 2021, 13:16 IST
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