How to make money using the Vehicle Warehouse in GTA Online: A beginners guide

Making money in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
Making money in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Vehicle Warehouse is yet another lucrative business for players trying to make money in GTA Online.

One of the most exciting aspects of owning a Vehicle Warehouse is that solo players can actively make a profit. Other businesses in GTA Online tend to focus on the group aspect more so that beginners appreciate a Vehicle Warehouse's relative simplicity.

As it is one of the most profitable businesses, it is essential to distinguish what a beginner should do to maximize their earnings. As expected, certain vehicles fare better than others when trying to make money.

Like other businesses, the player must first become a CEO and then purchase the property relevant to the Vehicle Warehouse in GTA Online (thus, they should have a fair amount of money to start).

Tips to earn money with Vehicle Warehouse in GTA Online

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

The cheapest office for aspiring CEOs is Maze Bank West for $1,000,000 with the Dynasty 8 webpage within GTA 5 phones. Afterward, the player should open up the interaction menu, go to SecuroServ, and then Register as a CEO to get started. Finally, they can go to their office, sit on the chair (to use the PC), and find Vehicle Cargo in GTA Online.

The La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse is ideal for beginners. It's the cheapest and closest to the highway (further allowing players to move vehicles in and out faster than other options). They should now have the option to import or export their vehicles. For most players, the latter is the more profitable option in GTA Online.

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

#1 - Exporting cars for money

Once players decide to export a vehicle, they should click on Source Vehicle (available on the main PC of the player's CEO Office). Their assistant will find a vehicle to steal, which should be simple enough for any GTA Online player.

The only hard part is trying to minimize the damage on the car, as it reduces the profit (be cautious around the other players in GTA Online).

Cars that hit a damage number of 34,000 cannot be sold, as they will explode. Once the player acquires the vehicle, they just need to go to their warehouse to store it.

Unsurprisingly, the player makes more money in the Vehicle Warehouse selling more expensive vehicles. To sell a vehicle, players have to go to their PC in the warehouse and go to Ad-Hawk Autos.

Image via Finn Pup
Image via Finn Pup

There are several filters to choose from if players have trouble finding what they're looking for. Ideally, it will be in the "top range" section. Once they find their car, they just have to click on one of the red "export" buttons and then the green "export" button above it.

The specialist dealer option costs $20,000, but it will always make a higher profit than the private and showroom options. Hence, it is strongly advised for players to select it to earn more money in GTA Online.

Using the specialist dealer option alongside top-range cars means that players can expect a profit of $80,000 each time they sell a car via the Vehicle Warehouse.

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

#2 - Doing the export mission

Once everything is set up, players have to drive their luxurious car to the seller's destination. Some NPCs may go after the player to try and damage the vehicle (thus ruining its value).

It is important to note that general NPCs also have more erratic behavior, so players should drive carefully to avoid unnecessary damages.

They can only sell a vehicle every 20 minutes. Hence, groups make more money selling together as opposed to doing it solo. However, as far as solo money-making schemes go, the Vehicle Warehouse is one of the best options in GTA Online.

Image via IGN
Image via IGN

A. 32 car method

While a Vehicle Warehouse can hold 40 vehicles, most players recommend having 32 cars stored here. Ten standard, ten mid-range, and 12 top range cars work best.

Of course, players only sell the last option for earning money. They cannot get duplicate cars if they surpass the 32 limit, hence the specific clarification.

Thirty-two vehicles are essential as it means players can sell all 12 top-range vehicles and still only source top-range cars as they would be above 20. Ideally, players never go above 32 cars or below 20 vehicles to make sure they always source the right wheels.

Image via Steam Community
Image via Steam Community

If players are in a group, they can earn well over $1,000,000 by using this method. It's one of the best ways to make money in GTA Online, so it's highly advised to try it out if they own a Vehicle Warehouse or are seeking to invest in one.

Solo players in GTA Online won't earn as much money, but it will be easier for them to do so. Either way, it's highly recommended for all gamers to try out a Vehicle Warehouse business at least once in GTA Online for its potential to make a lot of money.

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