5 of the best vehicles in GTA San Andreas

The Hunter is a deadly vehicle in GTA San Andreas (Image via Rockstar Games)
The Hunter is a deadly vehicle in GTA San Andreas (Image via Rockstar Games)

Some of the best vehicles in GTA San Andreas give players the edge they need, whether it's street races or vigilante missions.

GTA San Andreas has been praised for its vehicle diversity. Players can drive anything from sports cars to ice cream trucks. Naturally, some vehicles perform better than others. A military jet is far more dangerous than a police cruiser.

Some vehicles are best used for transportation, while others can blow up enemies instantly. GTA San Andreas players should complete objectives more easily with these vehicles. Whether it's a tank or an attack chopper, these will give them the necessary edge.

Five of the best vehicles for GTA San Andreas

5) ZR-350


GTA San Andreas players can make the most of their mileage with the ZR-350. This sports car offers high acceleration and top speed. Its tight handling allows it to perform sharp turns in no time. For the best results, players should modify it at a local car shop. Additionally, nitro boosts would do it wonders.

The only major flaw is poor traction upon drifting as otherwise, the ZR-350 is great for street races and scenic drives.

4) Jetpack


This secret project is one of the most unforgettable vehicles in the entire series. GTA San Andreas players can now freely roam the skies without any issues. The jetpack lacks the potential collision problems of other flying vehicles. Simply put, players won't crash into trees and blow up immediately.

The jetpack only appears in the latter stages of the game. However, it completely redefines the open world experience. It's perfect for exploration.

3) Rhino


These powerful tanks are nearly invincible. It offers ridiculously high stats for attack and defense. Boasting mind-boggling amounts of power, players will waste no time destroying everything in sight. A single touch will blow up most vehicles right away. It's also easy to steal from Area 69, since players have an airfield close by.

With a few exceptions, Rhinos are a mainstay of the GTA series. There is no better vehicle to go on a rampage than this one.

2) Hydra


Experienced players will make great use of the Hydra, as the controls take getting used to. Regardless, it can vertically take off and land. GTA San Andreas players don't need a runway like most flying aircraft. The Hydra is unrivaled in speed and agility. Coupled with that, it can also use rockets and heat seekers to blow up enemies.

The main flaw is how easy it is to crash into objects. Players have to be very careful when flying the Hydra.

1) Hunter


Vigilante missions are much easier with this attack chopper as its chain gun will shred enemies into pieces. Meanwhile, the rocket launcher will achieve explosive results. Unlike the Hydra, this vehicle is better suited to beginner players.

The Hunter is arguably the fastest helicopter in GTA San Andreas. It can also resist damage thanks to its protective armor. The Hunter is simply perfect for combat situations.

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