5 best weapons for PvP situations in GTA Online

PvP situations in GTA Online are fun but also daunting (Image via gtabase)
PvP situations in GTA Online are fun but also daunting (Image via gtabase)
Sawera Dedar
Modified 03 May 2021
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Being challenged into a fight by another player in GTA Online is both exciting and intimidating.

While the game features a number of deadly weapons, players cannot just rely on any weapon in a PvP situation. While some weapons may be great for grinding missions and taking down in-game characters, they might not fare as well against a real human character being controlled by an expert player.

This article highlights 5 weapons that players can rely on for PvP situations in GTA Online.

5 best weapons for PvP situations in GTA Online

#5 Sticky Bomb

While the Sticky Bomb may not fare well in complicated situations and perilous missions, it can prove to be a wonderfully powerful tool when taking on other players in GTA Online.

Not in the mood for a full-blown fight? Just throw the stick bomb at the enemy and walk away as the weapon does its job.

#4 The Special Carbine

The Special Carbine is not only one of the most lethal weapons in GTA Online, but it is also available for a pretty decent price. The weapon comes equipped with an average 30-round magazine, but the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update allows players to upgrade it to a 100-round magazine.

The Special Carbine's sharp accuracy and unflinching performance are beyond impressive. It can be purchased from Ammu-Nation for $14,750 and can also be found or stolen in GTA Online.

#3 Combat MG MK 2

MK 2 weapons have a reputation for being unreasonably expensive. While that may be true to some extent, the Combat MG MK 2 is an exception.

The weapon is so devastating in nature that the enemy simply doesn't stand a chance against it, unless they are (wisely) equipped with its exact prototype.

The Combat MG MK 2 is definitely one of the best weapons for PvP situations in GTA Online.

#2 MK II Heavy Revolver

Just when players thought GTA Online couldn't be any more chaotic, Rockstar Games added the Heavy Revolver MK II to the game, encouraging players to tear each other apart and paint the streets crimson.

This weapon is ideal for PvP situations in the game.

#1 Heavy Sniper MK 2

The Heavy Sniper MK 2 is another well-equipped weapon in GTA Online, capable of causing havoc in a matter of seconds. Its looks alone are enough to send the enemy running for the hills.

The Heavy Sniper MK 2 will never fail a player in a PvP situation.

Published 03 May 2021
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