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5 best zombie apocalypse mods for GTA 5

Image via Typical Gamer
Image via Typical Gamer
Sawera Dedar
Modified 24 Mar 2021
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GTA 5 is popular for allowing players to do whatever they want to do in the game.

Want to cause havoc in the city? Go ahead. Feel like blowing that virtual goon into a million pieces? Fire away. Feeling bored? Get ready for a zombie apocalypse.

Although the game does not feature any exclusive zombie invasion missions, players can always rely on the GTA 5 modding community to surprise them with some over-the-top mods that can turn Los Santos into a land of horror.

Here are some of the best zombie apocalypse mods that make for the ultimate GTA 5 experience.

5 best zombie apocalypse mods for GTA 5

#5 Zombie Car Park

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While the virtual world features a number of breathtaking wonders for the player to enjoy, one can't simply take a stroll around the city when a bunch of blood-thirsty zombies are on the lookout for fragile human flesh.

Zombie Car Park hosts a number of powerful, armoured vehicles that players can use to ensure their safety during the much-anticipated and equally feared zombie invasion in GTA 5.


#4 Military Base (Zombie Base)

The Military Base, as the telltale name of the mod suggests, allows players to build their base of operations during the Zombie Apocalypse in GTA 5.

This modded military base hosts a number of well-guarded places that the player can seek refuge in. It also features a devastating RM-10 Bombushka airplane and a car workshop that allows players to equip their vehicles with all the tools they will be needing for the invasion.

Definitely one of the most useful zombie apocalypse mods for GTA 5.

#3 Simple Zombies

Contrary to what the name of the mod may suggest, this is perhaps the most diverse zombie apocalypse mod for GTA 5. It comes equipped with a number of useful features, including a crafting system, a good old inventory, and a number of resources, making for a complete zombie play pack for GTA 5.

#2 The Dead Among Us Project


The Dead Among Us Project is an incredible mode for GTA 5 that fills the bustling streets of Los Santos with living, breathing horror and turns the entire place into an eerie, long-forgotten land, haunted by ancient, blood-curdling creatures. With this mod on, GTA 5 couldn't get any more exciting.

#1 Mad Max Vehicles

Mad Max vehicles has just about everything GTA 5 players could possibly want from a zombie apocalypse mod. From destructive monster trucks, to unexpected infernos to complete chaos and, well, zombies. This mode features an assortment of life-threatening situations and makes for the ultimate Grand Theft Auto experience.

Published 24 Mar 2021, 00:10 IST
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