5 bizarre weapons and vehicles in the GTA series

The GTA series is a flying circus made for the player's entertainment (Image via GTA Wiki)
The GTA series is a flying circus made for the player's entertainment (Image via GTA Wiki)

The GTA series is known for ridiculously over-the-top weapons and vehicles. Beyond hotdog vans and firework launchers, the franchise provides colorful variety to a player's weapons and vehicles.

In recent years, Rockstar Games have ripped through the pages of the Saints Row playbook. This is readily apparent from the last few updates.

While the vast majority of GTA weapons and vehicles are grounded in reality, some of them seem out of place. These range from plasma guns to death-proof vehicles straight out of the apocalypse. Such weapons and vehicles definitely stand out in the GTA series.

5 weapons and vehicles in the GTA series that are downright weird

5) Futuristic technology in GTA Online


With the Arena Wars update, GTA Online players can now use weapons like the Widowmaker, Unholy Hellbringer, and the Up-n-Atomizer. These futuristic weapons are rather expensive, given the type of technology they use.

Such weapons are a fish out of temporal water, so to speak. When players think about the GTA series, perhaps their memories include blowing up vehicles with a grenade. The last thing on their minds is firing a raygun or using multiple plasma rounds.

GTA Online has been ongoing for multiple console generations now. Even if Los Santos is stuck in the past, the gameplay still moves into the future. Whether or not this is a good decision remains a hot topic of debate in the community.

4) Arena War vehicles


Speaking of Arena Wars, GTA has decided to put vehicular combat to good use. While the Twisted Metal franchise may be dead, it finds itself resurrected under the Rockstar Games banner.

Arena Wars' battle-oriented vehicles serve one purpose - death and destruction on a massive scale. From the Bruiser to the Brutus, these heavily-armored vehicles would not feel out of place in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Gritty players will have to get down and dirty when they take out their competition. They can deal a lot of damage with these vehicles, especially the Nightmare Cerberus and Deathbike.

3) Vapid Clown Van


The GTA series is no stranger to odd-looking vehicles. Chief among them is the Vapid Clown Van.

Sponsored by Fiddler the Clown, it's basically a Speedo with a new coat of paint. It originally appeared in the GTA 5 Grassroots mission. However, the rare vehicle was inaccessible. GTA Online brought it back during the Arena War update.

The default horn sound is predictably circus-themed. Players can use the clown horn to annoy other players in GTA Online. Bonus points if they are wearing the appropriate attire.

2) Oppressor Mk II


When GTA Online first started in 2013, nobody in their right mind expected flying bikes to overrun the city. This is something players would expect from Fortnite. By 2018, however, the Oppressor Mk II changed everything. Such a futuristic vehicle is a striking contrast to a relatively modern city landscape.

Along with the (rarely-used) Orbital Cannon, the Oppressor Mk II strikes fear into the hearts of many players. However, it's the most deadly of the two weapons since it sees more play.

The Oppressor Mk II completely defines GTA Online lobbies. It's the most overpowered vehicle in the entire game.

There are three reasons why it's a destructive force of nature - it has powerful homing missiles, it's a small target, and it can fly anywhere. Pretty much anybody can use it, regardless of their current skill level. At least there is a cooldown period when it gets destroyed.

1) Flowers from GTA San Andreas


Getting taken out with a bouquet of flowers is a massive insult to injury. GTA San Andreas players can pour salt on the wound by using this strange weapon against their opponents. It functions similarly to bats and clubs.

Flowers are uniquely designed with two specific functions in GTA - combat weaponry and romantic gifts. GTA San Andreas players can hand it over to any of their six potential girlfriends. Simply having it in the inventory will raise overall sex appeal.

Strangely, these flowers will dish out more damage than regular fists. They can even blow up entire gas stations. It's certainly an interesting way to get wasted, even by normal GTA standards.

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