5 Eminem songs that would fit perfectly into GTA Online

GTA Online needs this heavyweight rapper's music (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA Online needs this heavyweight rapper's music (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Online requires a lot more of Eminem's songs on it. With millions of fans worldwide, the star is one of the biggest stars in the rap industry. Rising to fame since the 90s, Eminem was discovered by Dr. Dre and soon became a worldwide name.

With so many hip-hop references and inspirations in the GTA universe, it makes perfect sense to introduce more of Eminem's music to GTA Online.

GTA Online and Eminem


Eminem fits into the GTA world perfectly, as Dr. Dre did when he appeared on GTA Online. It would make sense to introduce the former's music, old and new, for all fans to enjoy.

Below are five Eminem songs perfect for GTA Online and why some players think so.

1) Tonight (Infinite)


The third track on Eminem's debut album, Infinite, Tonight, perfectly fits GTA Online and the GTA universe. The song is an upbeat, positive rap song.

It starts with some smooth lines about peddling d**gs and dealing with thugs. If this doesn't sound like GTA to the fans, then what does?

This feel-good song would represent so many scenes that the GTA Online players can find themselves in. They can imagine it playing in a club or just rolling around some GTA Online hood playing it on the radio from a lowrider.

2) Never 2 Far (Infinite)


This second song from the Infinite album has to be mentioned as it carries a real uplifting rags-to-riches hip-hop vibe. The title also gives a positive message to GTA Online players that you are never too far from success. It fits GTA Online like a glove.

Gamers will find themselves listening to this old-school rap beat and thinking about much of their gangster lifestyles on GTA Online. From rapping about weapons, robberies, and drugs, this song fits the GTA music vibe perfectly.

3) Forgot About Dre (2001)


This song is a true classic from Eminem and Dr. Dre. It features on the Dr. Dre album, 2001. Coincidentally, this was the same year that the GTA 3D Universe was unveiled with the release of GTA 3. This song should have been on the radio in GTA 3, to be perfectly honest.

To make up for missing this unforgettable song in the previous games, GTA Online players feel that it would make a welcome addition to the game.

4) Real Slim Shady (The Marshal Mathers LP)


There are numerous reasons why this song should be in GTA Online. From the fun lyrics to this Eminem-inspired GTA music video above. The song, when released, was a statement about individuality.

A sense of standing out from a crowd and being a bit of a rebel is undoubtedly something that the GTA Online community finds very relatable.

5) Godzilla (Music to be Murdered By)


Released in 2020, this song is a much more up-to-date hip-hop tune from Eminem. It also fits perfectly in the GTA Online world. The lyrics are about a split personality being rapped about, called the "monster". Some of the words feel like lines that GTA players could dream up themselves.

Eminem indeed proves that he is not one bit slower than he was more than 30 years ago when he started. It is very pleasing to hear he is still making fantastic hip-hop music that needs to be added to GTA Online.

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