5 most exciting additions to The Contract DLC in GTA Online

Many GTA Online players' favorite DLC (Image via Rockstar Games)
Many GTA Online players' favorite DLC (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Contract is one of the most well-received DLCs in GTA Online. This new content has every GTA fan on the edge of their seats, with many playing it since its release on December 15.

GTA Online players are delighted with the exciting new missions, cutscenes, music, and much more. There is also talk of a second update to The Contract DLC sometime in the future.

What do GTA Online players love the most about The Contract DLC


The Contract DLC seems to have everything the players want, but here's a list of the most exciting options:

1) Dr. Dre's new music


A vast number of GTA Online fans love hip hop music, apparent because of the dedicated radio stations in-game. Before Dre appeared on the Cayo Perico DLC in December 2020, fans had no idea what would come.

When the rapper announced his new music release in GTA Online, the community went wild. Excited GTA fans now get to partner with one of their favorite hip-hop artists, and as a bonus, they help him release his new music in the game.

2) New Agency business


The Agency is a welcome new business for GTA Online. Not only does it give players a chance to work with Franklin, one of the favorite protagonists in the GTA franchise, but it introduces them to a stylish new Agency building and a whole new world of work.

GTA Online users can now rub shoulders with the high society of Los Santos, as well as numerous celebrity guests.

3) Celebrity Cameos


The GTA franchise has had massive celebrity participation over the years. From actors like Ray Liotta and Samuel L. Jackson playing the roles of characters to the latest update with all its new music and cameos, the world of A-list actors and musicians is happy to be part of the GTA Universe.

Dr. Dre, Anderson Paak, Jimmy Iovine, and DJ Pooh are some of the most recent celebrity cameos. Gamers are sure they will see more in the future, perhaps even as new VIP contracts get added to the Agency.

4) New missions


These new missions are so exciting for GTA fans. As well as doing VIP contract missions, there are several security contract missions as part of the DLC that are a lot of fun.

GTA Online players are satisfied with their new position as Franklin's partner at the Agency and enjoy the missions that give them a fresh taste of the high life.

5) New and updated vehicles


The newest cars in The Contract DLC are very stylish. These sports and luxury touring cars all have prices exceeding $1.5 million. By completing enough Security Contracts at the Agency, users can unlock trade prices for these new vehicles to make them a little less expensive.

There are six new cars on the Legendary Motorsports website to choose from, which should not disappoint GTA Online fans.

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