Top 5 fastest cars added to GTA Online through The Contract DLC

The Contract DLC fastest muscle car (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Contract DLC fastest muscle car (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Online is not short of fast and luxurious cars for players to enjoy. The Contract DLC saw more than six new cars added with the latest update in December.

Players can choose from new sleek 4x4 vehicles, fine upgraded sedans or even some new super sports cars.

This article will look at the Top 5 fastest new cars added to The Contract DLC in GTA Online.

Which is the fastest new car of The Contract DLC in GTA Online?


While some cars might seem familiar to players, the vehicles need to be experienced for players to really understand how they have improved in The Contract DLC.

5) Pfister Astron


For a 4x4 in GTA Online, the Astron is quite a quick car. It is also fairly expensive with a cost of $1,850,000. It has a top speed of 119mph with all upgrades and players can alter the look to suit their style.

Pfister is known for building cars inspired by classic sports cars. Pfister Astron is no exception, as it is modeled on the real-life Porche Macan.

4) Lampadati Cinquemila


This is a $1,740,000 sedan that performs very well in GTA Online. Its breaking and handling is just above average, making it easy to control.

The Lampadati Cinquemila luxury sedan is modeled on the Mazerati Quattroporte, a beautiful 4-door sedan.

3) Dubache Champion


Many GTA fans feel this might be the best looking car that has been added to The Contract DLC. The supercar has some strong muscle car features and is modeled after the stunning real-life Aston Martin Victor.

GTA Online players can buy this vehicle from Legendary Motorsports for a high price of $2,995,000. It is the most expensive car in the The Contract DLC. While this is a lot of money, with a top speed of 124.75mph and such a beautiful look, the players will not be disappointed.

2) Pagassi Ignus


GTA Online fans love the Pegassi super cars in the game. This stunning new addition to The Contract DLC is inspired by two real-life super cars, the Lamborghini Sian and Lamborhini Eventador SVJ. It is as if the creators at Rockstar managed to perfectly splice these two cars to create the Pegassi Ignus.

As the second most expensive new super car available from Legendary Motorsports, the Ignus will cost GTA Online fans $2,765,000. That's a little less than the Dubache Champion, with the top speed the same at 124.75mph.

1) Bravado Buffalo SPX


This car is fast becoming the new player favorite. Once fully upgraded, the armor can withstand multiple explosive and missile attacks. The top speed of the car is an impressive 126.25mph, making it an ideal getaway car.

Inspired by the 2015 Dodge Charger, the Buffalo SPX is absolutely worth its price tag of $2,150,000. However, after purchasing an Agency, the car's price goes down to $1,600,000.

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