5 fastest ways to make money in GTA Online in 2022

Fastest Ways to Make Money in GTA Online (Image via Wallpaperflare)
Fastest Ways to Make Money in GTA Online (Image via Wallpaperflare)

In GTA Online, there are numerous ways to mint money, ranging from cocaine lockups to vehicle warehouses. Heists are an added bonus for players once they have staked a claim to all the businesses in town.

Maintaining and running businesses, doing VIP work, and grinding heists take a lot of investment in guns, vehicles, and setups. However, the most important investment in the game is time.

There are certain businesses in the game that give you the best ROI per hour. Let’s take a look at them.

Fastest Ways to Make Money in GTA Online

#5 Time Trial


Every week, there's a new time trial to complete in the game. The free to roam missions let players earn about $50k if they can reach their destination in the stipulated time. These missions are spread out all over Los Santos. Some are fairly simple, whereas others require a certain level of skill.

#4 Cocaine Lockup/Gunrunning


In-game cocaine lockups and bunkers are solid options for making passive money. These businesses make money for the players in the background. The model is pretty basic - players buy/steal supplies and flip the produce for a profit. Buying supplies is often the best strategy, as far as time consumption is concerned.

#3 Security Contracts


The contract DLC in GTA Online allows players to take on security contracts for a hefty profit. Players can take up these free mode missions while being CEO or MC President.

#2 Vehicle Warehouse


Being a CEO and owning an office lets players own cargo and vehicle warehouses. Though both businesses have their advantages, warehouses are the best way to make money quicker.

Top Tip: Filling up the warehouse with 10 standard and mid-range cars allows players to source a top-range car every time.

#1 The Cayo Perico Heist


The latest heist in GTA Online is by far the best paying one, and players can grind it out multiple times to make the most profit. This heist also lets players dive in alone. However, it is advised that they take along a squadmate for the best possible results.

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