5 minor features in the GTA series that don’t serve much of a purpose

Yoga is widely regarded as a minor feature that doesn't add much to GTA 5 (Image via Rockstar Games)
Yoga is widely regarded as a minor feature that doesn't add much to GTA 5 (Image via Rockstar Games)
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Sadly, not every feature adds tremendous value to a GTA game. Players want features that significantly elevate their gameplay experience. It either makes playing the game more convenient or adds a dimension to gameplay. However, there are also instances where developers add features that don't serve a purpose.

It can be niche, but it's often something the player won't spend much time doing. These activities are usually uneventful or outclassed by better alternatives. In an action-packed game where players want constant entertainment, these activities serve as a distraction.

Five minor GTA features that don't serve much of a purpose

5) Lung Capacity (GTA San Andreas)


GTA San Andreas introduced many skills that a player could raise with Lung Capacity. Players must train to get to a certain proficiency level to execute the Amphibious Assault accurately. But it's useless in general gameplay.

Theoretically, players could stay underwater to avoid police. However, it often delays the inevitable as underwater doesn't give the player much breathing room to escape cops.

Even finishing for oysters doesn't employ this skill as they aren't that far deep in GTA San Andreas' water. High or maxed out Lung Capacity isn't relevant to most playthroughs.

4) Car Washes (GTA 4 & 5)


Car Washes help make cars look cleaner, but that's about it. It doesn't repair the car like Pay 'N' Spray. But getting a car washed is significantly cheaper, costing $5 on average. However, it also plays a cut-scene, meaning it takes longer if it's not skipped.

There aren't any immediate benefits to a cleaner car. Ergo, this feature is suitable for immersion but offers little practicality for the average GTA player. It's only necessary for one GTA 4 mission, where it's introduced.

3) Yoga (GTA 5)


Yoga plays a minor role in GTA 5. It's introduced in one of Michael's missions and the player can do yoga whenever they want afterward. They can either do it at Michael's home or Mount Gordo.

It doesn't matter where the player does it, as it doesn't provide much benefit. It can boost his Special skill, but there are easier ways to do so.

Some players find yoga boring in GTA 5, so it doesn't serve much purpose to the average player.

2) Kaufman Cab radio dispatch (GTA Vice City)


Before the player does Kaufman Cabs missions, they can utilize the in-game radio like usual. However, they will then hear a dispatch radio instead once they complete Cabmaggedon.

It's similar to what players might hear in an ambulance or police car. Unlike those vehicles, the Kaufman Cab dispatch isn't particularly entertaining, so it adds nothing of value.

It also becomes more repetitive than the in-game radio, as there is less of a script to go through in this instance.

1) Pigeons (GTA 4)


Imagine having to eliminate 200 pigeons as a reward that doesn't always spawn. Not only that, but that reward is also obtainable elsewhere in the game. Trying to find all 200 for that is pointless in the grand scheme of things.

It's also an example of a reward where players must collect everything for it to count. If GTA 4 players only "collect" 199 pigeons, they get nothing except 100% Completion.

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